What Did Abraham Lincoln Do During The Civil War?

Abraham Lincoln played the role of a true national hero during the American Civil War.

So, what did he do during the time?

What were the great things that he accomplished for the United States and humanity?

Let’s discuss it.

Short Answer:

  • Abraham Lincoln Politically Unified The United States During The Civil War.
  • He Never Let Other Enemy Countries To Enter America’s Internal Political Matter.
  • He Played Main Role In Abolishing Slavery.

What Did Abraham Lincoln Do In The Civil War

Abraham Lincoln Politically Unified America During The Civil War

During the Civil War, the states of the south wanted to break away from the Union and form a new nation, which they named the ‘Confederate States of America’.

It was the time of 1861 when Lincoln was elected as the new president of the United States.

As soon as he became the president, a big question mark came in front of him and the constitution of the country.

The question was – does any state of the country have the right to secede from the Union?

Since the independence of the 13 colonies from British rule, this question had become a cause of conflict between the federal and state governments.

After becoming President, he clearly declared that the union that was established as the United States of America is unbroken and eternal.

According to him, America was not the union of many countries that anyone would ever come out of it; it is just a one country.

Therefore no state from the union has the right to leave it anyhow. 

In a speech, he declared something like this –

“If we can save the union by freeing all the slaves, then we will do so; if we can save the Union without freeing the slaves, then we will do it; and if we can save the union by freeing some slaves and not freeing others we will do too”.

Through those words, Lincoln meant to say that America’s integrity is more important to them than any other thing that existed.

And of course, this great man completed all these things that he said. The states of the south were re-incorporated into the Union.

Not only Lincoln protected America’s integrity, but also this time the unity formed far intensely.

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What Did Abraham Lincoln Do During The Civil War

He Never Let Other Enemy Countries To Enter America’s Internal Matter

At the beginning of the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln immediately showed his diplomatic intelligence by declaring that the war was an internal matter of their country, and they would solve it in their own ways; they don’t want any other nation’s interference in it.

Because of this reason, some rivals of the country, such as Mexico, Britain stayed away from interfering in that matter.

They never tried to recognize the Confederate States as an independent country.

Although, many immigrants from the Europe came to help the Union. They were mainly from Germany, France, Hungary, etc.


He Played Main Role In Ending Slavery

Abraham Lincoln’s greatest contribution to American society and humanity was the end of slavery.

From the beginning Lincoln believed that slavery was an inhuman act; even, when he was a teenager, he often used to tell his friends that if would ever get a chance in the future, he would completely end slavery from the American society.

At the end of the Civil combat, slavery was officially banned by the government of the United States.

The abolishment came into effect from 1865’s December month.

However, President Lincoln had to pay a big price for that by losing his own life.

But it made him a great legend of all time, to whom we have deep love and respect in our hearts. 


Abraham Lincoln Civil War Facts

1. Earlier Lincoln was not an abolitionist, even though he believed slavery was morally wrong.

Once he said that he has no lawful right to interfere with the institutions associated with slavery in various states of America.

But the entire scenario changed when on 1st January 1863, he issued the Emancipation Proclamation for making millions of slaves free throughout the country.

2. Abraham Lincoln’s primary goal during the Civil War was to unite the whole country again.

Even, he preffered it far more than he preffered freeing slaves.

We can understand it through this line in his speech: “….if we can save the Union without freeing the slaves, then we will do it….“.


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