What Did The First Continental Congress Accomplish?

Do you have any idea what did the First Continental Congress of 1774 accomplish?

Ok, no worries, here I will answer this question.


  • The successful imposition of heavy economic sanctions over British goods to the American colonies.
  • They came together and began the journey of the birth of the great United States of America. 

In response to the British Parliament’s 5 Intolerable Acts, 12 of the 13 British American Colonies got united in a meeting the year 1774 from September 5th to October 26th.

What Did The First Continental Congress Accomplish

The meeting was none other than but the First Continental Congress.

Through this meeting, Congress’s purpose was to force the British authority for repealing the 5 Intolerable Acts.

Hence to make them oblige, 12 British American colonies decided to impose an economic boycott over British goods from the beginning of December month’s 1st, the year 1774.

The economic boycott got massive success till the next year 1775; because compared to the last year 1774; it reduced British goods’ import by over 97 percent to the American colonies.

However, this incident forced the British government to become more drastic towards colonists.

The result was seen in the April month of 1775, with the Battles of Lexington and Concord.

Another significant accomplishment of the First Continental Congress was – It first time showed the sign of the United States of America.

Because this Congress was the first major meeting when American colonies came together with a similar purpose.

What Did The First Continental Congress Accomplish

What Did The Delegates Hope To Accomplish At The First Continental Congress?

Delegates hoped that the economic sanction would create pressure on Great Britain to repeal the ‘Coercive Acts’.

But their expectation didn’t convert into reality.

Contrary English authority went more drastic than before.

The result came out, with the battles of Concord and Lexington, which fully kicked off the Revolutionary War.

Hence, delegates again became obliged to came together in the Second Continental Congress.

But whatever happened, we can say, the first Congress was quite successful.

Because it succeeded in uniting all colonies together (except Georgia).


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