What Difficulties Did The Loyalists Encounter While Trying To Settle In Canada?

After the American revolutionary war, the lives of loyalists towards the British crown became intensely difficult in the newly born country.

Some historical estimation shows, around 15 to 20 percent of America’s total population was loyal to the British Empire.

This percentage includes all the loyalists, including blacks and whites.

In short, problems were:

  • Lack of money 
  • Lack of getting compatible places for building homes
  • Legal issues of lands  
  • Clearing jungles
  • Growing crops and more other issues

(Here you can learn how blacks became loyal)

In 1781 at the battle of Yorktown, Britain had to face heavy defeat and it ended the revolutionary war.

After, this happening, revolutionaries started harassing loyalists very badly.

What Difficulties Did The Loyalists Encounter While Trying To Settle In Canada
Problems of Loyal People

Even, some group of patriots started brutality through robbing and killing loyalists.

This was the reason, why in the Southern part of the country, they fought many battles against patriots.

Therefore, getting rid out of these security issues, most of them (more than half of them) started migrating to Canada and settled in some of its provinces.

Those provinces were such as Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, etc.

However, during the initial days, the loyalists had to encounter so many difficulties for settling there.

Due to they were the earliest settlers in those provinces, they faced many problems.

Those problems were like lack of money, lack of getting a compatible place for building homes, clearing jungles, legal issues of lands, growing crops for food, and more other issues. 

These things made their lives harder than ever before.

The reason is very simple, actually, before the revolution, they lived luxurious lives (Only whites, not blacks) under British rule.

But, when harassment on them started increasing rapidly, they had to leave all their properties there and moved to British North America.

Although, some of them also migrated to England and became English citizens.


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