What Happened After The Boston Massacre?


What Happened After The Boston Massacre?

So, how did the Boston Massacre created effects in the American colonies, or what happened after the incident?

Here we are going to discuss this answer.

So, the immediate core effects were seen as something like this…

Answer In Short & Quick:

1. A Negative Attitude Started Growing In The Minds’ of The Colonists Over The Rule of British Government & King George III.

2. Though Some People Among The Colonists (Protestors) Lost Their Lives During The Incident; But In Long Run, It Widely Benefited Them.

Especially, The Game of The 13 Colonies’ Politics Completely Turned Against British Authority, When Patriots Like Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, John Adams Started Using The Incident Like A Propaganda.

Their Propaganda Broadly Influenced People’s Opinion Against King George III And The Parliament.

3. In The Same Year, The British Parliament Had To Partially Repeal The 5 Townshend Acts On 12th April 1770.

4. The Authority Also Had To Withdraw English Troops From The City of Boston, Massachusetts.

5. The English Authority Had To Punished The Soldiers, Who Shot And Killed Protestors Without Their Captain’s Permission.

What Happened After The Boston Massacre
What Happened After The Boston Massacre

Anger Against British Rule Started Increasing Among Colonists

Before the Boston Massacre of March 5th, 1770, the British authority had never taken such a strict stance against colonists.

This was true that the Parliament had been imposing some cruel acts against colonists’ interest, but killing people like that had never happened before.

Although the English authority did not order their soldiers to kill people, among the public, patriots publicized it as a pre-planned murder by the government.

This incident made the American people quite angry. 

Now, they realized very well that the kingdom had never been considering themselves as their own citizens.

Either way, King George and the Parliament had no sympathy towards them. 

Especially, the colonists were forced to think this way when some patriotic leaders like John Adams, Samuel Adams, and Paul Revere started using this incident as propaganda and broadly publicized it among the public.

It started changing public opinion.

Now those people also started thinking that if they want to live a good life in America, they will have to be free from the clutch of British rule.

It encouraged them to get ready for the inevitable American Revolution.

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The British Authority Punished Their Soldiers

The gunfire and killing happened when protestors started attacking a group of British soldiers with stones, snowballs, and clubs; while doing their duty.

Although, it is said that the protest became violent only because of the mob’s involvement in it.

By the way, the soldiers’ group was led by Captain Thomas Preston.

Though Captain didn’t order his soldiers to attack the protestors, one soldier from the group lost control and started firing on them.

Eventually, it encouraged others to do the same.

In that gunfire, a total of 5 people lost their lives and the other 6 badly injured.

After this Massacre, the British authority had to withdraw its troops to Castle Island.

The next day, including one officer, a total of 9 soldiers were arrested and punished by the authority. However, a few were later acquitted.


The British Parliament Obliged To Partially Repeal The 5 Townshend Acts

The foolishness of the soldiers cost the Empire so hard.

On April 12th, 1770, the English Parliament partially repealed the 5 Townshend Acts.

This was the worst result of the Boston Massacre over the British government.

They were afraid that if they wouldn’t do that, the protest would soon be spread throughout all the 13 colonies and take a form of major rebellion.

So, in the end, to not let it happen, the parliament partially repealed it. 


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