What Happened At The Battle of Bunker Hill?

So, what did happen at the battle of Bunker Hill?

The battles of Lexington and Concord kicked off the revolutionary war of America’s independence.

The battle of Bunker Hill happened after a month of this incident. The date was 17th June, the year 1775.

Even though the clash is popular as Bunker Hill’s battle but mostly it was fought at Breeds hill, located nearby.

So, the question is what were the most significant things that happened at the battle?

We found the 3 most significant points here.

Here they are below:

What Happened At The Battle of Bunker Hill
What Happened At The Battle of Bunker Hill

1. Patriots Made Significant Casualties In The British Army

In this battle Patriots’ side was quite weaker than the British Army.

According to some reliable sources, less than 2400 American militias fought this battle against more than 3000 British militaries.

Secondly, patriots were not well experienced and trained as the British military was. On the other hand, they had a limited supply of armament.

But the amazing fact is, militias able to make a huge amount of casualties in the British army.

Even, the number was more than two times of the patriots.

They did able to make more than 1054 casualties on the British side, where 226 army men got killed and 828 got badly injured. 

But on the other side, only 145 patriots lost lives and 305 got injured.

Although the Americans had to accept defeat in this battle; but this incident made their morale even more powerful for upcoming events.


2. British Learned That The War Would Run Long

British troops managed to win the conflicts.

But from what happened at the battle of Bunker Hill, Britain understood well that the fighting with the colonists would run long and be tough along with costly.

Because, they had to do so much hardship to get victory in that battle, which made them understood the strength and morale of American patriots.


3. Reinforcement From The American Side

Though, British army able to take control over the Bunker Hill area for some short time; but it didn’t last too long.

Because George Washington soon arrived back there and he immediately started reinforcement of Continental militias.

Seeing this, British red coats’ fear raised up and they decided to leave the area immediately and moved to Boston.

They feared that George Washington and his army would attack their military base soon.

Hence, General William Howe ordered his English army to leave Bunker Hill.


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