What Happened At Lexington And Concord?

So, what was the phenomenon that happened at Lexington and Concord that we still want to know about?

Quick Answer: In These Two Places, The First Military Clash of The American Revolutionary War Took Place. The Date Was 19th April 1775.

Well, here we have described the happenings of Lexington and Concord below that you can get a better solution to your question.


Let’s get into them.

What Happened At Lexington And Concord

1. First Military Clash of American Revolutionary War

The battles of Lexington and Concord were fought on the 19th of April 1775.

In history, this clash is remembered as the very first military engagement of the American Revolutionary War. 

After this one-day clash, the situation between these two sides never calmed down.

Though the conflict is popular as only Lexington and Concord’s battles; but it took place in a total of five places of the colony Massachusetts.

Those places were including Lexington, Concord, Lincoln town, Cambridge, and Menotomy.

The battles happened between the Royal forces of the British Empire and the Patriots of the 13 colonies of America.

This conflict opened the route to the birth of a great nation, the United States of America.


2. American Patriots Achieved Strategic Victory Over British

Even though, the British army was quite stronger and experienced than the newly formed American militias; but the battles of Lexington and Concord remained a major strategic win for Americans.

But how?

Here is how:

First of all, the British army went to Concord for destroying the weapon storages of the rebels.

But, they failed to do it. Because some patriots like Paul Revere already alerted about the Britishers’ movement.

Secondly, the British army had to lose more of their men than the rebels did.

The casualties from both sides were something like this:

British side casualty: 73 killed, 174 wounded, and 53 missing.

American side casualty: 49 killed, 39 wounded, and 5 missing.

From these points of view, we can say, the conflicts were a strategic victory for Americans.

This incident boosted up their morale power and made them ready for the upcoming big decisive battles of the revolutionary war.

battles of lexington and concord

3. Intensified The Unification of All The 13 Colonies of America

What happened at Lexington and Concord intensified the unification of all the 13 British American colonies.

From both sides, politically and emotionally, the people of the colonies came closer and closer to each other.

The immediate effect was seen on the following May month 1775, during the Second Continental Congress.

Here all the colonies, even Georgia came together to took a decision that they would make their military power more strong and get ready for upcoming major conflicts.

Before these incidents took place, the colonists considered themselves British citizens.

But these incidents started transforming their thinking completely.

Once, all the 13 colonies came together, now they were able to understand that they could become a country separate from Great Britain.


How Patriots Managed Causing Casualties of The British Army?

During that period of time, the British army was the world’s one of the most powerful, experienced, and well-equipped forces.

But compared to them, American militias were quite weaker.

So, a face-to-face confrontation against Red Coats was beyond their capacity.

For this reason, they relied on the swoop warfare technique; also popular as Guerrilla warfare tactics.

Using this technique, they managed to cause a lot of casualties to the English army.

But whatever, it doesn’t matter what technique did they use; all in all, this defeat was a great shame for the strong Royal force. 


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