What Important Lesson Did The British Learn From Their Experience In The Battle On Breeds Hill?


What Important Lesson Did The British Learn From Their Experience In The Battle On Breeds Hill?

The important lesson that the British army and the authority learned from their experience in the battle on Breeds’ Hill was quite interesting.

Answer In Quick: British Learned That In The Near Future, They Would Have To Fight A Very Long, Bloody And Costly War Against American Militias.

The Battle Made Them Recognize With The Capability & Courage of American Rebels.

(Mostly in the history of the United States, the battle is famous as the ‘Battle of Bunker Hill’)

Even the experience was quite shameful for the powerful English army; after all, they were the most capable armed force in the world during that time.

What Important Lesson Did The British Learn From Their Experience In The Battle On Breeds Hill

In this fighting, the British army was further experienced and well equipped with much better arms and battle training than the newly formed American militias.

But the battle of Breeds Hill on June 17th, 1775, made them realize that they would have to fight for a long time and costly battles against Americans, even after patriots were not that experienced as the Red Coats were.

But why were they obliged to think that way?

The reason was obvious – during the armed confrontations, the British army faced some major casualties.

(However, they managed to win the first part of the conflict somehow)

Even the numbers of casualties were more than two times higher than the Americans’ side.

The statistics were something like this:

  • British army casualties: 226 red coats killed and 828 badly injured. The overall casualty was 1054.
  • American army casualties: 145 patriots killed and 305 wounded. The overall casualty was 450.

On the other hand, though they managed to capture the important areas for some short time, soon George Washington arrived there, and he immediately started reinforcing to take back the important positions.

Seeing the critical situation, later Major General William Howe and his troops retreated from Boston city, Massachusetts, to Nova Scotia, British Canada.

This incident was enormously embarrassing for the mighty British force.

What Was Significant About The Battle of Breed's Hill
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What Was Significant About The Battle of Breed’s Hill?

1. First of all, this battle made the British realize that the struggle against Americans would run long, be bloody, and be costly.

From the deaths, wounds, and other casualties, they recognized the capability and courage of the American patriots.

2. Secondly, although American militias had to face defeat till the end of the battle, they succeeded in making a lot of destructions in the British army.

Militias succeeded in killing 226, wounding 828 Red Coats. This success greatly aided their morale power for future inevitable battles.

3. Thirdly, though the British troops managed to achieve victory, it didn’t last for long.

After three weeks of the battle, on 2nd July 1775, Geroge Washington arrived there to take command of the continental army.

Soon, he started reinforcement with better armaments for taking back the important positions. 

Seeing the critical condition, British General William Howe and troops retreat from Boston to Canada’s Nova Scotia province.

This retreat ended the British troops’ occupation of the city of Boston after many decades; also, it ended the Siege of Boston.


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