What Is Black Friday Sale?


What Is Black Friday Sale?

The Black Friday sale is basically the sale of commercial goods at massive discount rates on the first Friday after Thanksgiving.

Every year, the day falls on the fourth Friday of November.

People in the United States consider it the beginning of the shopping season for Christmas, which is of course the biggest Christian festival of the year.

What Is Black Friday Sale?

On this day, small, medium, and large stores in the United States try to lure their customers by providing massive discounts on their commercial goods.

Black Friday sales last for almost a week. The first Monday after the day is called “Cyber Monday”, it promotes online shopping at discounted rates.

[Fact: Although Black Friday Sale Is An American Culture, But Nowadays, It Has Become A Global Idea. More Than 20 Major Countries Around The World Start Adopting This Idea To Improve Their Economies]


Does Black Friday Promote Capitalism?

Yes, it is born from Capitalism and therefore, it promotes Capitalism.

On this day, all kinds of merchants make massive profits.

Even it is said that in the United States, most of the merchants (almost 77%) recover their year-round losses in these short seven days business period.

Do you know? To get benefit from the idea, in 2015, Amazon.com launched a program of Black Friday sales in July. They named it “Amazon Prime Day”. They continued it till 2016 and 2017.

Getting inspiration from the idea, many Capitalist nations nowadays start implementing it by naming the concept with different terms.

For example, in India Flipkart’s “Big Billion Days”, Amazon’s “Great Indian Sale” etc.


A Few Wired Things Related To The Black Friday Sale

1. Black Friday is a headache for the police administration in the United States.

Because on this day, a lot of chaos occurs in different parts of the country. For example, critical traffic jams, fighting at shopping malls, and even killings.

2. In the late ’90s, many times many people tried to rebrand “Black Friday” to “Big Friday”.

Because earlier “Black” word was used in a negative sense. However, all their attempts failed.

3. Most of the stores in the US are pushing Black Friday sales earlier and earlier, on the later part of Thanksgiving day (5 pm to 12 am).

Since 2009, they have been doing this to maximize their profits. However, they argue that they do this to reduce the pressure of massive traffic on Friday.

Therefore, many people also start calling the day “Black Thursday”.


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