What Is Hawaii Statehood Day?


What Is Hawaii Statehood Day?

Hawaii Statehood Day is actually a day celebrated each year’s third Friday as the remembrance of Hawaii’s admission to the union of the United States of America.

The day was first observed in 1969 on the third Friday of August. However, already in 1959, Hawaii became the 50th state in the United States of America.

The celebration occurred after ten years of Hawaii’s admission.

Although observation day is the same (the Third Friday of August) but each year it falls on different dates.

In 2022, this will be celebrated on the 19th of August.

What Is Hawaii Statehood Day

How Hawaii Became A Part of The United States?

Before Hawaii became a part of the United States, it was called the Kingdom of Hawaii. Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole ruled the kingdom.

In 1919, a bill was introduced into the United States Congress to make the territory a part of the Union. It took many years for the US Congress to approve the bill.

In 1959, they finally approved Hawaii’s Statehood bill.

After that, a referendum was organized where more than 94% percent of its population voted in support of Hawaii’s admission into the union of the United States.

The date was 21st August 1959 and the day was the third Friday of August. This is the reason, why each year, Hawaiian people celebrate the third Friday of August as Hawaii Statehood Day.


Is Hawaii Statehood Day A Federal Holiday?

No, Hawaii Statehood Day is not a federal holiday. But it is a state holiday.

On this day, most of the state government offices are closed including banks, schools, courthouses, etc.


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