What Is Purple Heart Day?


What Is Purple Heart Day?

The Purple Hear Day is actually an observation day dedicated to the names of the great American heroes who died, wounded, or sacrificed themselves in combat or wars for the pride and dignity of the United States of America.

Every year, the day is observed to remember them for their bravery and courage.

Purple Heart Day was first observed in 2014 during the presidency of Barack Obama. Since then the United States has been celebrating it each year.

In 2022, the day will be observed on August 7th.

[Need To Know: Purple Heart is a military award given in the name of the United States president. This is a military badge of merit, designed in the form of a heart with purple cloth]

Purple Heart Day

What Is The History of Purple Heart Day?

Did you know? The concept of the Purple Heart began in 1782, during the era of the American revolutionary war.

Back then, the Continental army’s commander-in-chief George Washington recognized his soldiers for their singular courageous activities.

For singular courageous activities, Washington recognized them with a badge of merit.  

Although, at that time, they didn’t call the badge Purple Heart. During his tenure, George Washington awarded this badge of merit to only 3 revolutionary war soldiers.

After the United States’ independence, the concept was almost wiped out for around 150 years.

On February 22, 1932, Herbert Hoover’s administration revived it once again and they finally named it ‘Purple Heart’.

However, the concept was still the same – “To remember and recognize the American patriots, who died or wounded, did some great heroic work in combats for the good of the United States”.

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10 Notable Names Winning Purple Heart?

  • General Douglas MacArthur (Macarthur was the first person to win Purple Heart. He served the United States on the Pacific front during World War II)
  • Bryan Anderson (He served the United States in Iraq war)
  • Bobby Dan Davis Blocker (Served in the Korean war)
  • Alwyn Crendall Cashe (Iraq war)
  • Pappy Boyington (Served in World War II in the Pacific fleet)
  • Dale Adam Dye Jr. (Vietnam war)
  • James Ramon Jones (World War II)
  • Doris Miller (World War II)
  • Michael Patrick Murphy (War in Afghanistan)
  • Albert Andrew Schmid (World War II)


Is Purple Heart Day A National Holiday?

The answer is No, Purple Heart Day is not a national holiday in the United States.

This is only an observation day all over the country but not a federal or state holiday.

Usually, state and federal government offices, schools, and courthouses are opened on this day.


When Is Purple Heart Day 2022?

In 2022, the day will be observed on August 7th.


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