What Is The National Day of Mourning And Why Is It Observed?


What Is The National Day of Mourning And Why Is It Observed?

The National Day of Mourning is a day of national observation, organized by the Native Americans in the United States of America.

The day is actually a demonstration to educate American people about the myths related to the first Thanksgiving and the problems Natives have been facing for a long time because of European origin American people.

First started in 1970, every year, it is observed on the fourth Thursday of November, on the same day of Thanksgiving.

On this day, Native American groups all over the United States organize public gatherings, meetings, speeches, and protests to educate people about the brutal past their ancestors had to suffer.

[Did You Know? Although Schools Teaches Our Kids That In 1621, 53 Pilgrims of Plymouth And 90 Native Americans of Wampanoag Celebrated The First Thanksgiving Together, Still No One Has Any Proper Evidence Of It. It Is Said That The Story Was Created In The Days of The American Civil War 1863]

What Is The National Day of Mourning And Why Is It Observed

What Is The Origin of The National Day of Mourning? 

The first-ever National Day of Mourning was observed on November 26th, 1970 on Cole’s Hill in Plymouth, Massachusetts, on the 350th anniversary of the Mayflower’s successful landing in the new world. It was also Thanksgiving day.

On that day, a leader of a Native American group, named Wamsutta Frank James delivered a speech blaming European settlers for their ancestors’ slaughter and other problems they have been facing because of the outsiders.

The event occurred in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

His speech encouraged other Native people who attended the event to observe a day of National Mourning remembering the bloody past and educating people all over the United States of America. Almost 500, prominent Native Americans attended the event.

Since then, they have been observing the National Day of Mourning each year, on the very same day of Thanksgiving.

[Did You Know? Europeans Killed More Than 90 Percent of Total Native American Population]


Why The First Thanksgiving Story Is Fake?

According to the ongoing story – the first ever Thanksgiving was celebrated in 1621, where 53 English Pilgrims of Plymouth and 90 Native Americans of Wampanoag peacefully participated. As per the story, Pilgrims invited Natives to join the Thanksgiving party.

But in reality, this story is nothing more than a fairy tale. Nothing happened that way.

Actually, the story was created in the days of the American Civil War in 1863. President Lincoln wanted to calm down the situation by organizing an event nationally.


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