What Is Nevada Day And Its History?


What Is Nevada Day And Its History?

Nevada Day is a public holiday in the US state of Nevada. It is also known as Admission day.

People in the state celebrate this day as a joy of Nevada’s entry into the United States of America. 

Nevada joined the union on October 31st, 1864, and became the 36th state of the country.

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Nevada day has a long history. The day is like the celebration of the state’s birthday. For the first time, the concept of its celebration came in 1873. 

However, after a long time, in 1933, Nevada’s state legislature passed a bill to recognize the celebration by officially declaring it a public holiday.

In 1933, they designated each year’s October 31st as Nevada day.

Although since 2000, they have been observing it on the last Friday of October month. 

So, in this case, it often falls on different dates.

For example:

  • 2019: October 25
  • 2020: October 30
  • 2021: October 29 
  • 2022: October 28 
  • 2023: October 27
  • 2024: October 25 
  • 2025: October 31 
  • 2026: October 30

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What Happens On Nevada Day?

  • In the state, most of the schools, colleges, banks, and government offices are closed on this day as a public holiday.
  • Especially in Carson City, Las Vegas, and Henderson City, people organize parade, carnivals, and many other interesting programs. In Carson City, a large parade has been organized since 1938.
  • People organize different sports, like hockey, treasure hunt, drilling contest, etc. In the evening, they usually organize concerts.


Brief Historical Background of Nevada

Before 1859, Nevada was almost an alienated area. 

The area had less importance among settlers.

But in 1859, a Canadian miner, Henry Tompkins Paige Comstock, discovered gold and silver in that territory.

The incident greatly encouraged other settlers to move to Nevada.

After four years, the alienated area got statehood in the United States of America & became its 36th state.

Present-day, Nevada is one of the most prosperous states in the United States of America.


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