What Offered The Greatest Opportunity For Profit And Prosperity Once The Revolutionary War Ended?

The greatest opportunity for profit and prosperity came to the colonists due to the end of British Mercantilism.

But what was this British Mercantilism?

Since far before the American Revolutionary War, the British Parliament had been creating and imposing some laws on the 13 American colonies. 

They created these laws mostly to prevent colonists’ economic development.

What Offered The Greatest Opportunity For Profit And Prosperity Once The Revolutionary War Ended
What Offered The Greatest Opportunity For Colonists To Make Profit

In other words, to provide a convenient business environment for British businesses.

All those rules and regulations meant to protect British businesses and merchants in the colonies.

In no way, it benefited the colonies’ local business people; contrary it ruined their probabilities.

Once, the Revolutionary War ended and established colonists’ rule in the 13 colonies, this system completely changed.

Now, it opened a new opportunity for local businesses to make more profit and prosperity with a better system of equality and democracy.


What Is The Concept of British Mercantilism?

Though Great Britain was a global superpower from the 16th to 18th century; but it was a small country with fewer natural resources.

They introduced this Mercantilism policy to increase wealth through the export of raw materials from its colonies to their mainland.

These colonies were mostly from India, America, and other Asian, African regions.

By exporting all these raw materials to Britain, they used to manufacture various products.

But again, they sell their ending products to the colonies.

Because of these reasons Britain’s dependency started increasing over colonies, along with their development.

To keep this dependency going on, they introduced ‘Mercantilism’ policy, through which they designed an economic route map to control colonists’ economic matters.  


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