What Is The Origin of The Native American?


What Is The Origin of The Native American?

The origin of the Native American people is the northern part of Siberia. Present-day, this is a region of the world’s largest country, the Russian Federation.

They were the first human beings, who came to today’s America’s land segment.

Before them, America was a large piece of landmass without any human beings.

This was a matter of fact 27000 years before.

What Is The Origin of The Native American, red indians origin
What Is The Origin of The Native American?

They first entered here through the Bering Sea, which was then transformed into a pool of ice due to the beginning of the ice age.

(Note: The Bering Strait separates Russia and the United States of America)

Do you know who actually they are at present?

Currently, they are none other but the ‘Red Indians’. These people are originated from the Mongolian human race.

If you approach their current physical structure, you will see a lot of similarities with other Mongolian people.

If you want to know, why and how they had to come to America then you can read this article: Read now.

Why Are Native Americans Called 'Indians'
Why Are Native Americans Called ‘Indians’

Why Are Native Americans Called ‘Indians’?

The question pops up in the minds of many people that why Native Americans are also called ‘Indians’; even though, India is located far away from the continent.

Actually, the reason is very simple.

In 1492, when explorer Christopher Columbus discovered the new world, he believed it to be India.

And when he met some of its local people with a little red body color, he named them ‘Red Indians’.

Of course, this was a racist term; but it remained as an identity for the native people.

Therefore, still, after many centuries, these people are called ‘Indians’.

Now, again you may have another question in your mind- why did he believe the land to be India, but not something else?

Well, it also has an interesting reason too.

Columbus and his team went out from Spain with the purpose to find a sea route to trade with Asia.

But by mistake, instead of reaching Asia, they entered into a completely new world, which was later about to be known as ‘America’.

After entering the new world, Columbus and his crew members kept believing the landmass was Asia.

Once, he arrived back in Europe, he declared that he succeeded in the discovery of Asia.

However, in later years, another explorer named Amerigo Vespucci lighted over the actual truth.


Were Native Americans Weak People?

No, they were not weak, they were just simple people, who lived with primitive ideas, including their war tactics, food habits, clothing, housing, etc.

But Europeans were smart and modern.

This was the main reason, why they succeed in defeating them, dominating the entire new continent and holding it for their own.

In today’s world, we mainly get to see the dominance of European-origin people in America; but not its natives.

Although, we are not trying to say that they are not doing well. Of course, they are, but the number is quite low.


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