What Purpose Did The Introduction To The Declaration of Independence Serve?

If you really want to know, what America’s Declaration of Independence is, then just try to understand what its introduction part tries to serve.

So, the question is, what does its introduction part really try to serve?

Direct Answer: The Introduction Part Tries To Serve The Justification of Declaring Independence From The Rule of Great Britain In Order To Protect The 13 North American Colonies’ Colonists’ Natural Rights.

There is one main thing and that is the justification of declaring political independence from Great Britain for the protection of American people’s natural rights.

But what those natural rights were that it tried to protect?

They were none other but as the Declaration of Independence’s introduction part described; they were primarily Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

That’s it.

What Purpose Did The Introduction To The Declaration of Independence Serve

Description – The Introduction Part of The Declaration of Independence

The Declaration’s introduction part explains some very important things regarding the 13 colonies’ independence and human beings’ natural rights.

First of all, it wants to describe which main causes pushed the 13 British American colonies to fight the Revolutionary War and declare independence from their mother country.

Secondly, the introduction also explains that every human being on the planet of earth born with some unanimous natural rights.

These rights are eternal, which can’t be ignored, destroyed, or taken away from them under any certain condition.

These rights are god’s gifts to the human race and all humans are born with them equally.

To protect and develop these unanimous rights, humans form their own governments or states.

All these means that the people of a country are the actual source of its power.

In a country, if the government (no matter what is their form) tries to take away or demolish these rights from its people then it becomes the right of the people to dissolve that kind of government from the system and form a new one.

The authority of Great Britain was trying to abolish these natural rights of the American colonists via imposing hard rules and regulations on their heads.

This is the reason why the 13 American colonists had to fight the Revolutionary War against Britain and declaring political independence.

So, I hope you have got the answer to why and what purpose did the introduction to the Declaration of Independence tries to serve.

What Purpose Did The Introduction To The Declaration of Independence Serve

What Was The Primary Reason That Government Can’t Abolish People’s Natural Rights?

Far before, at the beginning of human history, we humans lived in the state of nature where governments, kings, or states had no existence.

But as time progressed, people’s thinking started becoming complex.

At this point in time, physically powerful people became tyrants and started domination weak for their own benefits.

These tyrants became destructive of other people’s life, liberty, and ways to get happiness.

But as we know, we human beings are progressive animals, we always keep finding a way when there seems to be no way.

So, humans also did find out a solution to this problem.

Finally, to get rid out of the tyrannies of the physically powerful tyrants, weak people collectively put their power into the hands of one single authority.

From the authority, these people also took the oath of certainty that they would protect their life, liberty, and happiness from the attack of the tyrants.

With the evolution of human societies, these authorities became kings, governments, and states.

Now, our question is why government or king can’t abolish people’s natural rights under any circumstances?

The answer is obvious…

Because people are the actual source of the government’s or king’s power and they establish them to protect their natural rights, therefore it is their primary duty to protect it, but not to abolish or destruct. 


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