What System Did Paul Revere Set Up To Signal That The British Were Coming?


What System Did Paul Revere Set Up To Signal That The British Were Coming?

The system was – Paul Revere told the Sexton of North Church, named Robert Newman, to signal lighting one lantern if the British troops were coming through land and to signal lighting two lanterns if the British troops were coming through the sea.

Paul Revere instructed Robert Newman to keep monitoring the English troops’ movement from the top of the Church and inform the patriots of Charlestown as he set up the system.

Ultimately, Newman monitored that the British Red Coats chose the waterway; in this case, he signaled patriots by placing two lanterns on the campanile.  

Getting the signal, Charlestown patriots immediately started their journey towards various places in the north and Paul went towards Lexington to alert American militias.

On April 18th, 1775, around 40 riders (horse riders) including Paul Revere made their midnight ride to alert militias about the English troops’ advance.

Paul’s midnight ride is still remembered as one of the most glorious incidents in United States history.  

What System Did Paul Revere Set Up To Signal That The British Were Coming

Did You Know?

1. In his midnight ride, Paul Revere did never shout the line “British Are Coming”, though later, this phrase was attributed to his name. According to many eyewitness accounts and Paul’s own description, he alerted patriots by saying “The Regulars Are Coming Out”; but not “British Are Coming”.

2. On 18th April 1775, Paul Revere came to know about the British troops’ movement towards Lexington and Concord through a physician and a member of the Sons of Liberty, Joseph Warren. Getting the information, Warren immediately sent two secret couriers to Paul Revere and William Dawes.

3. On 18th April 1775, 700 British Red Coats marched towards Lexington and Concord with the purpose to capture American militias (without any violence) and destroying the arms cache stored there. However, Paul Revere and the other riders’ midnight ride completely ruined their plan.

4. Paul Revere and other patriots midnight ride caused a significant impact on the next day’s battle of Lexington and Concord. Because the riders already alerted the patriots, therefore, they succeeded in achieving strategic victory over the British forces in the first battle of the American Revolutionary War.


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