What Time Does Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Start?


What Time Does Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Start?

Every year, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade starts at 9 am and ends at 12 pm as per Eastern time standard.

This is a three-hour program, held annually in New York City. This is the world’s largest parade.

The first-ever Macy’s Thanksgiving parade took place in 1924.

If you want to see this amazing program on TV, you can enjoy it on NBC. They have been live telecasting it since 1953.

[Fact: Macy’s Is An American Chain of Department Stores. An American Entrepreneur R. H. Macy Founded It In 1858]

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7 Interesting Facts About Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

1. Fact One: Macy’s Thanksgiving parade is the second oldest Thanksgiving day parade in the history of the United States. The first one was held in Philadelphia in 1920. Macy’s parade is the largest parade in the world.

2. Fact Two: The participants who participate in the parade program are mainly made up of the workforce of Macy’s employee and their families and friends.

3. Fact Three: From 1924 to 1928, during the parade, borrowed animals from the Central Park Zoo were exhibited to the audience. However, the tradition changed in 1928. That year, organizers decided to replace the live animals with large animal-shaped balloons.

4. Fact Four: Do you know? Every year, Macy’s spends more than 13 million dollars to organize the single-day parade.

5. Fact Five: The parade was suspended in 1942 because of the United States’ entry into World War 2. Macy’s had to stay away from using rubber and helium for making large parade balloons. The materials were needed to fulfill the war effort. The suspension continued till 1944.

6. Fact Six: In 2018, two actresses named Caitlin Kinnunen and Isabelle McCalla kissed during the prom performance at the Thanksgiving Parade. The activity attracted significant media attention.

7. Fact Seven: In 2021, over 2.5 million people lined up on the street of New York City to enjoy Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade. 6500 participants marched during the program.


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