What Was The Administration of Justice Act?

The Administration of Justice Act was one of those worst Intolerable Acts passed by the Parliament of Britain to punish American colonists for the Boston Tea Party.

The act passed on 20th May 1774.

This act basically created to protect royally appointed officials in Massachusetts province.

Under this law, the Governor could order to send accused (crime) royal officials to Great Britain or any other place of their empire, if he feels that the defendant could not get a fair trial in the province of Massachusetts.

Other words, the act indirectly allowed royal officials to do crime in that province and ran away to Britain or somewhere else.

The British Parliament mainly passed this law to reduce unrest in Boston.

Because after the Boston tea party, it became the center of unrest in America.

What Was The Administration of Justice Act

But How Did The Administration of Justice Act Affect The Colonists?

First of all, American colonists considered this act as one of the worst Intolerable acts of 1774.

Initial days, it created fear among common people.

Revolutionary leaders like George Washington started naming it the ‘Murder Act’.

This action from the British authority proved that they had never been considering colonists as their own British citizens.

Because the ‘Administration of Justice Act’ was fully against the ‘Bill of Rights’, through which every British citizens enjoyed special human rights.

But the imposition of the act proved that Britain had no sympathy for colonists.

However, later anger started blowing up against this law. And this anger led colonists to the great revolutionary war of America’s independence.


How Colonists Responded To It?

The people of the colonies responded to this Intolerable Act through the First Continental Congress.

The same year, from September 5 to October 26, 12 of the 13 British American colonies united in Philadelphia at the First Continental Congress.

Here they decided to impose a heavy economic sanction over British goods to the colonies.

This sanction remained very successful.

It reduced British goods import to the colonies by 97 percent till the end of 1775.

Also, this meeting started the journey to the birth of a new nation and as you can guess, it was the United States of America.


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