What Was The Goal of The Boston Port Bill One of The Intolerable Acts?


What Was The Goal of The Boston Port Bill One of The Intolerable Acts?

The main goal of the Boston Port Bill (One of the Intolerable Acts) was to punish the people of Boston, Massachusetts province by closing Boston Harbor for the Boston tea party incident.

We can divide the British parliament’s punishing intention through the bill like this:

1. First Intention: First of all, through the bill, the British parliament intended to create pressure on the colonists to pay all the compensations for the loss during the tea party. The loss’s current value is around 1 million dollars.

The English authority declared that they wouldn’t open the harbor until colonists pay the compensation to the British East India Company.

2. Second Intention: Secondly, the British government wanted Bostonians to apologize to English King George III and request forgiveness.

They primarily put this demand to humiliate Bostonians for their doing and to show them King’s unanimous authority over the 13 colonies.

3. Third Intention: Thirdly, through the port bill, Britain again wanted to fully reinforce their Red Coats (military) around the whole city of Boston. Because after the Boston Massacre in 1770, Britain had to fully withdraw its military presence from the city.

4. Fourth Intention: Their fourth and most important goal was to contain the growing American Revolution within Boston’s land segment. Because after the tea party, the city transformed into the center of growing unrest in the 13 colonies.

The British authority knew if they wouldn’t contain Boston’s unrest soon, then the crisis would get spread to all the 13 colonies.  

What Was The Goal of The Boston Port Bill One of The Intolerable Acts
What Was The Goal of The Boston Port Bill, One of The 5 Intolerable Acts

Why Did Colonists Consider The Boston Port Bill As One of The Intolerable Acts?

Ironically, through the bill, the British Parliament used to target all the people of Boston, Massachusetts province. But the reality was common people of the city were not involved in that incident.

The tea party event was executed by a patriotic organization ‘Sons of Liberty’, led by Samuel Adams.  Some around 116 patriots were involved in that event.

In this case, targeting all the common people through the bill was an unfair decision from the British side. Colonists rationalized that the government was trying to take away their rights of being English citizens. Hence, they considered the bill as one of the 5 Intolerable Acts.


What Did The British Do Through It?

In simple words, they tightly closed all the trades that happened through Boston Harbor. It came into full effect on June 1st, 1774.

Boston Port Act

Did They Succeed In Achieving Their Goal?  

No, the British government achieved no success. Contrary, their move overshadowed them back. As a response to all the Intolerable Acts (including the Boston Port bill), colonists’ leaders united in a meeting in 1774 on September 5th in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

This meeting was none other than the First Continental Congress. After this meeting, the relationship between the British authority and the 13 colonies went to its lowest point.

Finally, in 1775 on 19th April, the Battles of Lexington and Concord fully kicked off the American Revolutionary War.


Interesting Facts Related To The Boston Port Bill

1. Did you know? In response to the punitive acts (including Port Act), the First Continental Congress decided to boycott British economic goods import to the 13 colonies from December 1st, 1774.

This boycott was quite successful because, till 1775, it deducted imports by 97 percent. On the other side, people in some colonies also initiated to get self-reliant.

2. Did you know? To enforce the law properly at Boston Harbor, the British Royal Navy was given the order to regularly patrol the mouth of Boston Harbor.

Even, to contain the city very tight, the British authority refilled the city with Red Coats. However, they had to remove the military in 1770 after Boston Massacre.


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