What Was Henry Ford’s Biggest Invention Why Was It Important?


What Was Henry Ford’s Biggest Invention Why Was It Important?

Henry Ford the founder of Ford Motors, is especially known as the father of the modern age’s assembly line production system.

Henry Ford was the first entrepreneur who developed the automobile vehicle that an average American can afford.

His ‘Model-T’ was a revolutionary project that entirely changed the transportation system and automobile industry in the United States of America.

Later, this great invention spread throughout the entire world and caused revolutionary consequences.

What Was Henry Ford's Biggest Invention Why Was It Important

6 Interesting Facts About Henry Ford That You May Not Know

  1. Did you know? Although Henry Ford opposed the war in Europe (WW1, WW2); but he was anti-Jewish. Many times, he said some harsh words against the Jewish community. For example, once he said – “The Jew is a race that has no civilization to point to, no aspiring religion, no great achievement in any realm”.
  2. Did you know? Henry Ford was always against labor unions. Within his organization he never let any of these organizations evolve. Even, he believed to dominate them using force.
  3. Many people may not know that Henry Ford worked for the world-famous genius inventor Thomas Alva Edison. Ford worked in his company in the plant of Detroit, named – Edison Illuminating Company. Even when Ford was just 20, Edison promoted him to the Chief Engineer position. However, later Edison encouraged him to leave the job and start his own venture.
  4. Did you know? Henry Ford was the second American billionaire after John Davison Rockefeller.
  5. German dictator Adolf Hitler appreciated Henry Ford a lot. Even, in 1931, in one of his books ‘Mein Kampf’, he called Ford an inspiration. Many historians believe, that because of Ford’s anti-Jewish ideology, Hitler liked him a lot.
  6. Did you know? Most of the time Henry Ford acted like a dictator in his company. Though officially, he didn’t take any position in the company; but no one in Ford Motors had ever dared to go against his decision. He ruled and dominated it.


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