What Was The Most Significant Effect of The American Revolution?

The most significant effect of the American Revolution was the end of the British Empire’s colonial ruling from the 13 colonies.

It helped the 13 colonies’ colonists in establishing their own government for self-administration.

However, even though, this was the most significant effect for American people’s point of view but the revolution has versatile impacts around the whole world along with the United States.

And the effect is still influencing the socio-economic and political point of view of the world countries. 

Another one of its most important effects is the birth of democracy and democratic government.

What Was The Most Significant Effect of The American Revolution
What Was The Most Significant Effect of The American Revolution

Before the American Revolution, most of the countries on the earth had monarchies.

In these countries, King had the supreme power, and people’s opinions had no significance.

Through the American Revolution, for the first time in the world had happened something where the country’s people came further to take the decision of their own governance.

This phenomenon started the birth of democracy and democratic government.

Later decades, this ideology broadly spared all over Europe and started causing the death of monarchies.

Even, centuries after, it influenced the rise of democracy in Asian and African nations also.


Rapid Evolution of Human Rights

The most serious importance of the American revolution is hidden within the rapid evolution of human rights.

The progress of human rights was not only for America but for the entire human race, a great gift of this revolution.

Before this rebellion, no country in the world had done so extensively that people had become aware to protect their natural rights.

The king and the church, when they had their own motives, harmed the natural rights of the people.

For the first in history, through the Declaration of America’s Independence, it was written that every human being in the world has some inalienable rights.

Those are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

No one, even governments, the king, and the church has the right to harm those ends in any condition.

If they try to do something like that then it’s the right of the people to throw them out of power.

With this announcement of the declaration, the subject of human rights began to expand widely.

The ideology immediately affected a European country. As you can guess, it was French.

Here it caused the glorious French revolution.

(French revolution time period: 5 May 1789 – 9 Nov 1799)

The rapid evolution of human rights is a significant result of the American revolution.


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