What Was One Action That Was Taken By The First Continental Congress?


What Was One Action That Was Taken By The First Continental Congress?

Although the First Continental Congress had taken many major steps to counter the decisions of the British Parliament; but primarily, one of them is the most significant. It was the economic boycott (or sanctions) over the supply of British goods to the 13 colonies.

They especially focused on implementing it in the Massachusetts province because the Parliament mainly targeted Massachusetts through its Coercive laws

Again, we must say that the decision was one of the most successful decisions of the First Continental Congress. Because of this heavy economic boycott, the import of British goods reduced to the 13 colonies by over 97 percent, till the end of 1775.

Even going one step further, Congress also threatened the authority that they would cease the exports too; if soon, the Parliament wouldn’t repeal the 5 bad laws.

What Was One Action That Was Taken By The First Continental Congress
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What Were The Other First 2 Actions of The First Continental Congress?

1. Petition to the King: This was also a major initiative from the First Continental Congress. Through the petition, they requested British King George III to repeal all five Intolerable Acts and restore a good relationship with the 13 colonies.

Congress ratified this petition on 25th October 1774. John Dickinson was the main author of it.

However, this group of delegates wanted to come to a proper negotiation with England, rather than fighting for full independence.

2. Preparing for an inevitable armed conflict: Most of the Congress’ delegates were quite sure that the colonies would soon have to involve in military conflicts against the British Red Coats.

Therefore, they also urged each of the 13 colonies to immediately set up their own militias and gather weapons secretly at various places. Leaders like John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson were quite concerned about it.

What Was One Action That Was Taken By The First Continental Congress

3 Facts About The First Continental Congress 

1. Did you know? The First Continental Congress was the very first initiative from the colonists’ side to unite the 13 colonies politically and emotionally against the Empire of Great Britain.

Before this unification, colonists considered themselves British citizens. This meeting first time made them realize that they could become an independent country, politically separate from Great Britain.

2. Did you know? In the First Continental Congress, only the colony of Georgia didn’t participate. At that time, they were busy fighting battles against some Native American groups.

Georgian leaders were afraid that their participation in the Continental Congress would encourage British authority’s assistance to the Natives.

All in all, they didn’t want to take any risks.

3. Did you know? Many historians want to consider the First Continental Congress as the first Federal government of the United States of America, though, the country was still under British rule.

Even, many considered its first president Peyton Randolph as the first president of the United States of America.


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