What Was Paul Revere Trying To Prevent The British From Doing?

In his midnight ride on 18th April 1775 before the day of the battles of Lexington and Concord, Paul Revere was trying to prevent British red coats from devastating the American Revolution at an early stage.

Now, probably a question may arise in your mind – did he succeed?

My answer is yes, of course, he succeeded in doing the job properly.

Even today, this one is one of the major causes why his life is gloriously remembered by people of the United States.

What Was Paul Revere Trying To Prevent The British From Doing
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But How Paul Revere Succeeded Preventing The British?

In the midnight ride of April 18th, 1775; he and his other associates informed American militias that the British (military) were coming to capture them and destroy the weapons that they were gathering at Lexington and Concord.

Knowing that they immediately concealed all their weapons in a safe place and got ready for conflicts.

Many historians want to say, if Paul Rever and other associate riders didn’t do it, chances were high they couldn’t succeed.


How The British Were Trying To Devastate The Revolution? (Part 1)

In response to the British Parliament’s 5 Intolerable Acts, the 13 Colonies decided to get unite and take some major actions against them.

From September 5th to October 26th, 12 of the 13 British American colonies united in the First Continental Congress.

Throughout this meeting, the colonies decided to take some major actions against Britain.

Such as putting economic sanctions over English goods, setting up American militias for probable arm conflicts, etc.

These actions from the colonists’ side almost ruined up all the relationships between Great Britain and the colonies.

Now it was almost certain that could get involved in arm conflicts at any time.


Part –2

With the purpose of an inevitable military conflict, patriots of the 13 colonies secretly started gathering weapons at Lexington and Concord.

But somehow, probably via spies, the British armies were in Boston city came to know about that.

Therefore, to destroy the weapons and capture patriots without any bloodshed, 700 English troops from Boston marched towards Concord and Lexington.

The date was 18th April 1775.


Part – 3

But all their purposes transformed into dust when Paul Revere came to know the British armies’ movement.

On the 18th of April at midnight, Paul Revere made his glorious horse ride to inform patriots about the British’s movement towards Concord and Lexington.

Knowing that patriots immediately concealed all their weapons and got ready for conflict.


What Was The Result That Came Out After Paul Revere’s Prevention?

Because the rebels were already alert, hence they did not suffer much during the battles.

But on the other side, the British military’s casualty was much higher than the patriots.

Here is its data –

  • Patriots’ casualties: 49 killed, 39 wounded, 5 missing.
  • British casualties: 73 killed, 174 wounded, 53 missing.


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