What Was The Purpose of The First Continental Congress?


The main purpose of the First Continental Congress was to force the Great British for repealing the five Intolerable Acts and withdraw the British army from the Boston Harbor, Massachusetts which they instituted after the Boston Tea Party.

All began something like this:

In the year 1773 on 16th December, some patriots from the ‘Sons of Liberty’ organization dumped 342 chests of British East India Company’s tea at Boston Harbor, Atlantic Ocean.

This made huge economic losses to the company and the British government. 

The company was doing its monopoly business through the support of the British government.

Hence, the government was making massive profits through the East India Company.

What Was The Purpose of The First Continental Congress

In response to the incident, the Parliament of Great Britain passed 5 punitive laws during the year 1774.

These laws were completely against the American people’s interests, especially Bostonians.

Though, the British authority named the laws ‘Coercive Acts’ but colonists started naming it ‘Intolerable Acts’.

Because those were intolerable towards them and tried taking away all their rights of being British citizens.

Leaders from the colonies also requested Britain for repealing those harmful laws. But it made no effect on them.

Hence in response to the British’s action, in the year 1774 from September 5th to October 26th; the American colonies unified in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and formed the First Continental Congress.

In that meeting 12 of the 13 British American colonies came together and decided to impose an economic boycott over British goods from December 1st, 1774.

They all got united (except Georgia) in that meeting because they wanted the opposition to make more and more powerful against the Intolerable Laws.

So, now I hope you have got your answer to what was the purpose of the First Continental Congress.


Did The Purpose of The First Continental Congress Succeed?

Their purpose succeeded partially.

Because though they tried to pressure the English authority to repeal the Intolerable Acts but it made no impact on them.

Hence, they obliged to impose economic sanctions.

After they imposed economic sanctions on Britain, the import of British goods significantly reduced to the colonies by 97 percent.

Of course, from this side, it was a massive success for the colonists.


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