What Was A Significant Change In Governments In America Produced By The Revolution?


What Was A Significant Change In Governments In America Produced By The Revolution?

The revolution of America’s independence significantly changed the governance system of the 13 colonies.

Answer In Short: The Revolution Completely Uprooted The Rule of Colonial British Empire From The 13 Colonies of North American Continent.

After, Uprooting British Rule, The People of The 13 Colonies Established Their Own Rule With A New Democratic Government And With The Birth of A New Nation.

Of Course, That New Nation Was The United States of America.

What Was A Significant Change In Governments In America Produced By The Revolution
What Was A Significant Change In Governments In America Came After Revolution

Description – How Significant Changes Produced In Government’s System By The American Revolution?

Together all the 13 Colonies became independent from the clutches of the British Empire as a result of the revolution.

Once the colonies were freed, they established their own governance system and formed a new nation; they named it the ‘United States of America’.

In simple language, the revolution produced a self-government system in the 13 colonies.

In this new system, colonists could select their own leaders among themselves and form their own new governments (for state and centre).

These new governments were created in such principles that they always remain deeply responsible for protecting colonists’ life, liberty, and ways to pursue happiness.

While being a part of the British Empire, these all were beyond their imagination.

The revolution ended the British government’s control in the 13 colonies of America. Where once the British king and the Parliament took decisions for the colonies; now, the power completely transferred to the hands of the American people.

On the other hand, the revolution produced a Democratic government system, which was going to be by the people, for the people, and of the people.

Here they would allow no King or royal family to control America’s government system.

Instead of the King or Royal family, that government would be fully based on democratic principles and only be run by Americans.

So this was how the most significant change in the government systems that came after the revolution.

What Was A Significant Change In Governments In America Produced By The Revolution
Statue of Liberty

Why Change In The Governments System of The 13 Colonies Important To The World?

There are two major reasons why the change in the government system of the 13 colonies of America was important to the world.

First of all, it was important for the rapid evolution of the Democratic principles in the governance system in the world’s politics.

Secondly, this change worked as an inspiration or morale boost to the world’s nations, who were still under colonial rule and struggling for freedom.


1. Rapid Evolution of Democratic Government

In world history, America was the first country where people first-time revolt (fought major bloody battles) on a large scale for establishing their own rule.

The success of this revolution later speeds up the evolution of democratic principles and democratic governments in world politics.

Having been encouraged by this phenomenon, many countries worldwide started revolting for the prestige of democracy by ending monarchical or autocratic rule.

One of the major examples is French.

(However, after the French Revolution, democracy sustained only for a few years because soon, Napoleon Bonaparte came to power)

This inspiration is still in full action in the 21st century.

One of the major examples is the Arab Spring, which is in function to end dictatorship in middle east Asia and African countries (Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, and Bahrain).

People here are fighting in large scale to establish democracy against their dictators. 


2. Inspiration To The Nations, Still Under Colonial Rule

The success of the American Independence War later encouraged various countries throughout the world to achieve independence from colonial rule.

Mostly, these countries were under the rule of the British Empire, French, and some other imperial European powers.

These countries were especially from the Asian and African continents.

Such as India, Iraq, Myanmar, Tonga, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Uganda, Zambia, and many more.

However, they had to struggle for a long time to achieve independence.


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