What Was The Main Goal of The First Continental Congress?

The main goal of the First Continental Congress was to counter the Intolerable Acts of the British Parliament.

The leaders, who organized the First Continental Congress in 1774, had one main goal to create pressure on the parliament of Great Britain to repeal all those harmful acts.

Actually, in the year 1773, Great Britain imposed an act to monopolize 13 colonies’ whole tea market via their East India Company.

This act was none other but the ‘Tea Act of 1773’.

The decision of the government didn’t welcome by colonists.

What Was The Main Goal of The First Continental Congress

As a result, on 16th December 1773, some patriots from the ‘Sons of Liberty’ executed the Boston Tea Party incident.

The incident caused heavy economic losses to the British government as well as the company.

Hence, for punishing colonists for that guilt, the British parliament decided to impose some Coercive Acts on their heads from the next year 1774.

Realizing the vengeful form of those Coercive Acts, the colonists named them ‘Intolerable Acts’. Because the laws were violating their rights of being British citizens. 

Finally, to counter it, they met in the First Continental Congress from September 5th to October 26th, 1774.


What Were The Other Goals of The First Continental Congress?

  • To send a petition to the British King George III to withdraw the laws.
  • Impose a heavy economic boycott over British goods’ import to the colonies.
  • To urge all 13 colonies for setting up their own militias for inevitable arm conflicts against English armies.


Did Colonists Succeed In Countering The Laws?

Though they tried a lot to create pressure on the British government for repealing those 5 Intolerable Acts; but it made no effect on them.

As a result, armed conflict between the two sides became inevitable.

Finally, on 19th April 1775, they involved in an armed conflict at the battles of Lexington and Concord.

The conflict fully kicked off the revolutionary war of America’s independence.


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