What Was Washington’s Basic Tactic During The Revolutionary War?

George Washington was one of the most brilliant military generals of the American revolutionary war.

After the US independence, he became the very first president of the newborn country.

During wartime, George Washington well informed about the military power of the British Empire.

Also, he knew that the American colonists’ side was not that strong as the Britishers were.

Hence, he believed to defeat them in a traditional way of battle, not possible.

What Was Washington’s Basic Tactic During The Revolutionary War
What Was Washington’s Basic Tactic To Win The War

So, to defeat them what the basic tactic Washington pursued during the Revolutionary War?

It was none other than but surprise attack on the enemies.

In this method, the enemy does not even know where the attackers or enemies are hidden. This method is quite similar to guerrilla warfare.

Washington used this war tactic, while he fought in the French-Indian war

However, he also added some of his own tactics via his creativity.

All these methods remained very helpful for the American militias to defeat the British armies.


Military Strength Comparision of America And Britain In Revolution

1. During wartime, the British Navy was the largest and most powerful Navy force in the world.

But compared to them, the American Navy just got birth.

Here is a simple example of their military powers:

In the year 1776, British Naval forces had 270 ships and Continental Navy had only 27 ships.

From here you can imagine, the British Navy was ten times larger than Americans.

2. Second of all, the British soldiers were well equipped with much better arms, salaries, food, and other necessary equipment.

But American militias had no better equipment like this.

Due to a lack of funds, they had to fight without even necessary pieces of equipment.

However, they had one major plus point and it was the love for their motherland and get freedom. 


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