What Were Two Disadvantages The Colonies Faced In Starting A War With England?

Recently one of our regular readers, name Rebecca questioned us that what were the two main disadvantages the 13 colonies of America faced in starting a war with England.

In general, there were hundreds of disadvantages in starting this war.

But if we talk about two main then they were:

  • Lack of money, and other necessary pieces of equipment.
  • And, the lake of strong organizations.

Let’s discuss two of them briefly.

What Were Two Disadvantages The Colonies Faced In Starting A War With England

Lack of Money And Other Necessary Pieces of Equipment

The first problem was the lack of money to carry forward the war in a powerful way.

Due to lack of funds, colonists faced difficulties in gathering their necessary pieces of equipment; such as guns, canons, navy ships, food for militias, etc.

You should know that England was the most powerful military force in the world at the time this war happened.

It seemed almost impossible to win the conflict at the beginning part without money against this powerful country of the world.

For example: In the first phase of the armed conflict in 1776, American colonies had only 27 naval ships against the British’s 270.

Many American militias had to lose lives in British red coats’ firing, due to they had lack of weapons (guns).

However, later colonies decided to take loans from other countries to fulfill the necessities. Even America’s economy had to sink into full debt due to these loans.

However, whatever happened but in the end, with the help of big countries like French, colonies won the revolutionary war.


The Lack of Strong Organization

The second core disadvantage was the lack of strong organization to lead the revolutionary war in a punctual way.

We must agree that many great leaders like George Washington led this war. And they were the main reasons why 13 colonies won the struggle.

But there was still a shortage of organizations at the primary level to organize it more thoroughly as needed.

Due to this reason, many people who wanted to participate in it remained without participating.

On the other hand, the way the American militias should have been trained did not become possible.

As result, many soldiers remained unskilled and had to lose life in front of well-trained British red coats.

So, this was the second major disadvantage of starting a war with England.


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