In What Year Did Black Friday *Magically* Become The Biggest Shopping Day In The US?


In What Year Did Black Friday *Magically* Become The Biggest Shopping Day In The US?

It was November 29th, 1975 when Black Friday magically became the biggest shopping day in the US.

On that day, the New York Times published an article referring to it as “the busiest shopping and traffic day of the year” in Philadelphia.

However, it took a little longer to spread the idea all over the United States.

In What Year Did Black Friday Magically Become The Biggest Shopping Day In The US

Since the year 2005, Black Friday becomes immensely popular among people because of the internet and the use of social media.

Even, the idea nowadays becomes global, adopting countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, India, Japan, Korea, Germany, Austria, and more. Most countries start popularizing this day to boost their economies by increasing public spending.

[Did You Know? The Year 1869 Is Considered The Beginning of Black Friday. That Year Gold Prices Fall More Than 18 Percent Because of Two Persons, Named Jay Gould and James Fisk]


Why Do People Shop A Lot On Black Friday?

Because Black Friday falls on the first Friday after Thanksgiving and the days are considered the beginning of the shopping season for Christmas.

Simply because shops offer a lot of discount rates on their different products. Therefore, people prefer to shop a lot on this day.

All in all, this is the biggest shopping day of the year.

[Fact: Nowadays Black Friday Sales Lasts For Almost A Week. The Monday After It Is Called “Cyber Monday”. Cyber Monday Basically Tries To Increase Online Sales or Digital Transactions]


But Why For Some People Black Friday Shopping Is Frustrating?

  • Massive crowd
  • Traffic Jams on road
  • Although prices remain low for the day, but the day causes huge spending
  • Long waiting lines
  • Sometimes violence occurs because of misunderstandings

[Did You Know? Every Year In The United States Too Many Violence Occurs On The Black Friday Sales. According To Some Studies, Each Year More Than 10 People Die & 100 Get Injured On This Day]


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