When Is Bunker Hill Day In Massachusetts?


When Is Bunker Hill Day In Massachusetts?

Bunker Hill Day is an annual observation that takes place on June 17th every year in the United States of America, especially in the province of Massachusetts.

The day is observed in memory of the battle of Bunker Hill that happened on June 17th, 1775. It was an important military conflict at the outset of the Revolutionary War between the British Red Coats and American militias.

Why Is The Battle of Bunker Hill Important?

The battle took place during the first phase of the American Revolutionary War. Although the British troops managed to gain control of the location for a short time, they had to face devastating casualties.

Here is the list of casualties from both sides:

  • On the American side: 115 were killed, 305 were wounded, and 30 were captured = a total of 450
  • On the British side: 19 officers were killed, 62 officers injured, and 207 soldiers wounded = a total of 1054

However, the English troops soon had to retreat from the occupied positions because just after two weeks on 2nd July 1775, George Washington arrived in Cambridge, Massachusetts to command the continental militiamen. Washington immediately started reinforcing the continental army.

When Is Bunker Hill Day In Massachusetts?

It raised fear among the English troops. They were afraid because, on June 17th’s battle, they already faced two times higher casualties than the Americans. Therefore, they were not ready to take further risks.

Next year on March 17th, 1776, they decided to leave the entire Boston city and move to British Canada’s province of Nova Scotia. The English troops’ evacuation also ended the siege of Boston.


How Did The Battle of Bunker Hill Influence The Revolutionary War?

  • Morale Boost: The battle worked like a morale booster to the American rebels. The results helped them to realize that they could win the Revolutionary War.
  • Foreign Support: Rivals of the British Empire also learned from the battle’s result that they can help American rebels to fight the British. Soon, foreign powers like France, the Netherlands, and Spain came further to help the Americans.


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