When Do Cyber Monday Deals Start?


When Do Cyber Monday Deals Start?

Cyber Monday deals start on the first Monday after Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Depending upon the year, the date falls often between November 26th to December 2nd.

The idea debuted on 28th November 2005 via a press release of Shop.org and eventually became the biggest and busiest online shopping day of the year.

The day is basically a part of the Christmas shopping season, which continues for almost a week.

According to some people, the day is an extended online version of Black Friday.

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Is Cyber Monday The Best Day To Shop Online?

Yes, a lot of people, including me believe that the day is best to shop online because of huge discounts on amazing products.

Do you know? Cyber Monday is getting bigger and bigger every year. Maybe soon will surpass Black Friday.

Even, during the terrible time of Covid-19, in the United States, in 2020, on a single day, Cyber Monday sales hit 10.7 billion dollars.

Here are some other reasons why it’s getting popular every year:

  • Easy shopping at any time and anywhere in the world
  • Shoppers have more options to compare and select
  • A large number of advertisements by companies and merchants
  • Better internet speed and the impact of social media channels, etc.


Is Cyber Monday The Same As Black Friday?

Although, the main theme of Black Friday and Cyber Monday is shopping, but they have some differences.

First of all, Cyber Monday is entirely based on internet shopping or digital transactions. Technically, it has no connection with physical stores or offline transactions. On the other side, Black Friday is a little different from it. It represents both online and offline transactions.

Secondly, Cyber Monday is quite a new idea, made its debut on 28th November 2005. However, Black Friday is an old idea that gained popularity somewhere between 1952-1961.

Apart from these differences, both have a lot of similarities; such as:

  • Related with shopping
  • Represents the beginning of the Christmas Shopping season and starts after Thanksgiving
  • Both of the ideas originated in the United States of America, etc.


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