When National Purple Heart Day Will Be Observed In 2022?


When National Purple Heart Day Will Be Observed In 2022?

In the United States of America, the National Purple Heart Day 2022 will be observed on August 7th. Although the date is the same every year.

The country has been observing this day since 2014. At that time, the United States President was Barak Obama.

On this day, Americans remember and show honor to the brave men and women, who served and sacrificed themselves for the good of the country.

In the name of the United States president, those special patriots are awarded a medal of merit, called ‘Purple Heart’.

The name is because the medal is designed in the shape heart with a Purple cloth.

When National Purple Heart Day Will Be Observed In 2022

Who Received The First Purple Heart Award?

Douglas MacArthur was the first person to receive Purple Heart for his bravery and courage on the Pacific front during World War 2.

MacArthur was a military leader, who served the country during World War 2 as the general of the US army and a field marshal to the Philippines’ army. 

He played a significant role in defeating Japan and making US influence stronger in that entire region.

[Fact: Douglas MacArthur also served in World War 1]


Is Purple Heart The Oldest Military Award In The United States?

Yes, Purple Heart is the oldest military award in the United States of America.

This was first introduced by the continental army’s commander-in-chief George Washington during the era of the American Revolutionary war.

In 1782, he awarded similar medals to his three soldiers for their singular courageous activities against British forces. Although back then, they didn’t call it the Purple Heart award.

After the 13 colonies’ victory, the idea started wiping out as Washington never continued it.


How Many Purple Hearts Have Been Awarded Till Today?

Till today, around 3 million Purple Hearts have been awarded to the brave men and women of the United States.


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