Where Did Amerigo Vespucci Explore?


Where Did Amerigo Vespucci Explore?

So, where did Amerigo Vespucci explore in his voyages?

This issue is a little bit controversial, due to having various pieces of information available via letters by different writers. 

Many historians want to claim that Vespucci made his first voyage from the years between 1497 to 1498, however some others claim it was between 1499 to 1500.

Although the second claim is considered to be true by most historians. During this period of time, at the very first, he explored the northern part of South America.

Here, when he traveled through the ‘Amazon River’, he thought they reached the ‘Gulf of Ganges’ (Bay of Bengal) by mistake. The main cause was that Columbus and other explorers already called the landmass Asia, which was, of course, a wrong assumption.

Even, came back to Spain Vespucci started requesting the Spanish authority to allow a new expedition. Although the Spanish authority showed no interest in his request. Hence to gain support for the expedition, he went to Portugal. 

Where Did Amerigo Vespucci Explore

Where Did Amerigo Vespucci Explore In His First Voyage?

Vespucci’s first voyage took place from 1499 to 1500. This voyage was sponsored by the Spanish authority and led by two navigators, named Alonso de Ojeda and Juan de la Cosa

In that voyage, he intended to find out the landmass, already explored by Columbus, and investigate a rich source of gold and pearls.

Although Vespucci was not in the leading role in that expedition because he was an inexperienced guy. On the 18th of May 1499, they stopped in Canary Island before reaching South America.

From there they split into two groups. One group proceeded toward Venezuela and the other group proceeded toward the South (Vespucci traveled with this group). Here he explored two giant rivers of the South. They were Amazon and the Para River.

Then he explored the Gulf of Paria, Hispaniola, and the Bahamas for capturing some natives (for slavery). They captured around 232 natives and took them to Spain.

Where Did Amerigo Vespucci Explore
Where Did Amerigo Vespucci Explore?

The Second Exploration

This was the most important and successful exploration of Amerigo Vespucci, made between the years 1501 to 1502. Portuguese King Manuel I sponsored this expedition. This voyage was commanded by a famous Portuguese explorer, named Gonçalo Coelho. Here, he joined as the pilot of the fleet.

In that voyage, Amerigo Vespucci explored the South American region Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego, and two great rivers Rio de Janeiro and Rio de la Plata. During this journey, they also explored Brazil and claimed it for Portugal. 

During this voyage, he came to know that the continent he was exploring was completely different from Asia, which was described in books by scholars.

Studying through time, geography, ethnicity, cartography, and astronomy, he got the surety that it was not Asia; nor a small piece of land, but a completely new world; a completely giant new continent.


2 Interesting Facts From Amerigo Vespucci’s Exploration

1. During his second voyage, he and his associates encountered a group of native people, who were Cannibals. They killed and ate one of his crew members.

2. Many believe that Amerigo Vespucci visited the new world four times. But many also believe it was only two times. This fact is still controversial.


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