Where Did Native Americans Come From?


Where Did Native Americans Come From?

Short & Direct Answer:

During the ice age, Native people came from the northern part of Siberia to the Americas.

Nowadays, Siberia is a part of the Russian Federation.

So, where did the native Americans come from?

Do you have any idea?

If not, then no worries.

Here I am going to explain to you in-depth so that you can understand the complete story step by step.

So, history began 27,000 years ago when the land of today’s Americas was the home of only animals, reptiles, and birds; but without any human beings.

At that time, our earth slowly started being cold and the ice age was about to begin.

Due to some core environmental changes, the ice age started first in the Northern part of the earth.

At that time, the human population lived in some parts of Asia, Africa, and the European continent.

Where Did Native Americans Come From? – Part 2

Today’s Siberia {today a part of Russia} which we know as a super cold place, was once a little warm and compatible for human survival.

During that time, Mongoloid human race people lived in Siberia.

But because of the newly starting ice age, it started being tough for those people to survive in that landmass.

Therefore those people started moving towards the further north part.

Let me tell you that Northern Siberia was quite near to the Americas but its landmass was not connected with the American continents.

There was a sea that separated the landmasses, which we know today as the Bering Sea.

Where Did Native Americans Come From, red indians hisotry
Where Did Native Americans Come From
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Part – 3

Because of the ice age, the sea’s water slowly started transforming into hard ice.

And this natural phenomenon made a geographical connection between Siberia’s north and the Americas’ western landmass.

Finding a compatible warm place to survive, the Mongolian human race people kept moving forward from Siberia.

And finally, those people entered America’s western part via the road of ice on the Bering Sea.

First, those migrants found that the new place {it was Alaska and Canada} was quite similar to the old one, which was cold too.

Therefore they kept moving to the south.

Finally, in the end, they found something different, something quite warm and compatible to survive with so much vegetation.

The destination they got was today’s America, which is the home of us, the American people (Today’s USA, Mexico, Brazil).

bering strait
Bering strait

Part – 4

After many thousand years, the ice age ended.

And the connection made via ice on the Bering Sea between Siberia and the Americas got divided again.

The people, who came to the new land, later became its permanent residents.

In 1492, a European Italian explorer, navigator, and pirate Christopher Columbus discovered this new landmass while finding a sea route to India (or Asia).

By mistake, he thought that he succeeded in the discovery of India. And when he met some of those residents, he considered them Indians.

Seeing their body color a little red, Columbus named them Red Indians.

Yes, you already heard about Red Indians; Right?

So, today’s Red Indians are the main Native Americans that we are talking about throughout the post.

I hope now your doubt gets cleared on where and how did Native Americans come from.

Where Did Native Americans Come From

Why Today We Found Them In Fewer Numbers In The Americas?

High immigration, massacres, and other terrible persecutions are the major reasons, why today we found them in fewer numbers.

In 1492, explorer Christopher Columbus discovered the new continents.

When European expansionist powers, such as Great Britain, Portugal, Spain, and France came to know about his discovery, they immediately started sending their people to the new world for establishing colonies.

Arriving on the new continent, the European white race people began to get involved in clashes with its already living natives.

Especially, they started capturing them for slavery and importing them to Europe for selling in slave markets.

Many times, if they oppose, powerful and smart Europeans executed massacres on these innocent people.

Secondly, these migrants also spread many terrible diseases here, causing death to millions.

From many historical sources, we have found that around 90 percent of native people had to lose their lives due to the atrocities and lethal diseases spread by these immigrants.

Day by day, these dominations and deaths kept reducing the natives’ population on their own land.

But on the other side, due to the continuous migration of Europeans, their population started increasing here day by day.

If we look at the 21st century, the number of natives is very small in the Americas (North & South); the majority of the population here is of European origin. 


  1. Slavery was abundant in America long before any European arrived. Massacres, depopulation of near-by tribes as well as land grabbing was common in America long before the European arrived.


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