Where Was The Battle of Bunker Hill Actually Fought?


Where Was The Battle of Bunker Hill Actually Fought?

Though 17th June 1775’s armed conflict is popular as the Battle of Bunker Hill; but most of the fighting actually occurred on the nearby Breed’s Hill, Massachusetts.

This was the 2nd armed confrontation of the American Revolution after the battles of Lexington and Concord.

Despite, Americans were not well-equipped and trained; they succeeded in causing devastating causalities among Red Coats (British army).

American patriots succeeded in killing 226 and wounding 828 Red Coats. However, compared to the British’s number, only 125 patriots got killed and 305 wounded.

Where Was The Battle of Bunker Hill Actually Fought

Who Won The Battle of Bunker Hill?

Technically, the British won the Battle of Bunker Hill, although they gained nothing from the victory because of facing higher causalities.

On the other hand, two weeks later on 2nd July 1775, George Washington arrived at Cambridge, Massachusetts. Arriving there, he immediately started reinforcing Continental militias.

Washington’s alacrity raised fear among British troops.

In the next year, on 17th March 1776, English General William Howe and his troops had to leave the important positions they captured and ran away to Canada’s Nova Scotia.

It made them realize that they would have to fight a long, costly, and bloody battle against Americans.


Which Was The Most Significant Outcome of The Battle?

The battle significantly boosted American patriots’ morale, though technically, they had to face defeat. 

From the devastating causalities among the British soldiers, they learned that they had the ability to defeat well-experienced and equipped English Red coats and win the Revolutionary War.


Total Causalities of The Battle?

Americans’ side: Participated in less than 2400, 125 killed, 305 wounded.

British side: Participated in more than 3000, 226 killed, 828 wounded.


Relation With The Siege of Boston

The battle of Bunker Hill was a part of the Siege of Boston, lasted from 19th April 1775 to 17th March 1776.

Especially to break the siege, on June 16th, 1775, English troops marched towards Bunker Hill.

On June 17th, more than 3000 British Red Coats faced off against 2400 American patriots.

The Siege of Boston came to an end on 17th March 1776, when the British left Boston and went to Canada’s Nova Scotia.


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