Which Best Describes The Colonists Attitude Toward American Indians?

From the very early European migration to the American continent, their relationship with Indians was very tart.

Hence, the way American Indians never trusted and hated colonists; similarly, colonists also hated and considered them as fearful people.

Colonists believed the Indians were not trustworthy and therefore if the situation changes, these people could become a big problem for them.

This was the main fact, which best describes the colonists’ attitude toward American Indians.

Which Best Describes The Colonists Attitude Toward American Indians

What Was The Result of This Attitude During And After The American Revolution?

The British took full advantage of this conflict between the colonists and Indians during the time of the American Revolution.

British used Indians for fighting against revolutionary colonists.

However, taking the British side didn’t prove to be right for Indians.

Because at the end of the war, Britain had to face heavy defeat.

As a result, the power of the 13 colonies fully transferred to the hands of colonists.

With the new government, colonists became vengeful to the Indians and started taking some very tough actions against their interests.

Even such actions provoked them to kill and depart Indians from their own lands.


But Why American Indians Did Not Like Colonists?

The main reason for this had been going on since Christopher Columbus’s time.

The places where the colonists started living in actually belonged to the natives. The colonists were originally from the continent of Europe.

Therefore, when they started migrating to the new world; they began so many activities against Indian’s interests.

Such as:

  • Capturing Indians for selling in Europe (as slaves).
  • Using native women for sexual slavery.
  • Departing Indians from their own lands.
  • Even the immigrants executed massacres on the Indians.
  • And more.

The natives never forgot these sharp experiences and for this reason, the colonists and their relationship never became normal.


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