Which Best Describes The Main Action Called For By The Declaration of Independence?


Which Best Describes The Main Action Called For By The Declaration of Independence?

Short & Quick Answer:

1. Number One: Declaration of All The 13 British North American Colonies’ Independence From The Autocratic Rule of Great Britain.

2. Number Two: Justification of Why The Colonists of The 13 North American Colonies Deserve Independence From The Rule of The British Government And King George III, Even After The Kingdom Was Their Mother Country.

3. Number Three: Again The Justification, Why The Revolutionary War of Independence Is Rational.

4. Number Four: The Explanation of Colonists’ Natural Rights (Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit of Happiness) And The Ways To Protect Them From The Attack of English Rule.

5. Number Five: The Explanation of Colonists’ Interests And Movements Towards The Formation of A Newly Independent Nation With A New Democratic Government. 

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which best describe the main action called for by the declaration of independence
Which Best Describes Main Action Called For By The Declaration of Independence?

In a broader perspective, there are three core points we have found that best describe the main action called for by the Declaration of Independence.

All these actions were performed by the side of the 13 American colonies. And these actions clearly expressed their movement toward complete Independence.

But what were they?

Let’s see what they were one by one:

  • Declaration of The 13 Independent Sovereign States From Their Mother Country, Great Britain.
  • Explanation, Why They Had To Declare War On Britain?
  • Protection of Colonists’ Natural Rights And The Actual Birth of Democracy.

Now, let’s try to discuss each one of them in-depth.

1. Declaration of The 13 Independent Sovereign States From Their Mother Country, Great Britain

Through the Declaration of Independence, 13 North American colonies declared independence from the rule of Great Britain.

This Declaration meant that they would no longer be a part of the British Empire.

From now, they would form their own government, which would work only for Americans’ interests, but not for England.

Via these steps, 13 colonies collectively moved one step further towards forming the great United States of America.

On July 4th, 1776, all 13 American colonies’ representatives consented to declare their complete independence.

Those 13 colonies were:

  • Rhode Island
  • New York
  • New Hampshire
  • Virginia
  • Massachusetts Bay
  • South Carolina
  • Connecticut
  • New Jersey
  • Maryland
  • Delaware
  • North Carolina
  • Pennsylvania
  • Georgia

It was the first and one of the most significant events for the Declaration.

Because through this decision, colonists directly send a message to Britain that they are not a part of their Empire but entirely an independent country from now onwards.

This is the reason why each year the USA celebrates 4th July day as its independence day.


2. Explanation, Why They Had To Declare War On Britain?

Via the Declaration of Independence, they also explained why they were fighting the war against Great Britain, even though it was their mother country.

They blamed the British authority and King George III for creating such critical conditions for the colonists. Colonists defined those actions against humanity.

Therefore they found no other way to get rid of the crisis except to fight the revolutionary war against them and achieve freedom.

Here they again explained that they tried to avoid the war situation against the British Empire.

Such as: Through the Olive Branch Petition, they sent a proposal to the British King George III and Parliament to come to a negotiation and repeal the five controversial and vengeful Intolerable Acts.

But the Parliament and the King did not pay much attention to their requests. Contrary, the King declared colonists traitors.

Hence, the war remained the very last and only way for them.

Even patriots like Thomas Paine justified that the war against the British autocracy means the war with the support of God.

[Did You Know? Thomas Paine Was A British Person, Born On 9 February 1737, In Thetford, The United Kingdom, Yet He Supported The 13 Colonies’ Independence From Great Britain]

Protection of Natural Rights And Birth of Democracy

3. Protection of Colonists’ Natural Rights Via Forming The United States of America And The Actual Birth of Democracy

I think this is the most significant part which best describes the main action called for by the Declaration of Independence.

The Declaration explained human beings’ Natural Rights, which can’t be ignored or taken away from them in any condition.

As per the document, those rights included Life, Liberty, Equality, and the pursuit of Happiness.

Every single human being on the planet earth born with them.

These rights keep humans separate from other living species; no human can live like a human without them.

So, these are unalienable and undestructive under all circumstances.

Under British rule, the American colonists were forced to believe that the British authority violated the colonists’ natural rights for their interests.

During the Congress, they mentioned in the declaration that human constitutes governments to protect these natural rights.

But whenever any form of government or authority becomes destructive of these ends, it becomes the people’s right to abolish that government and throw them out of power.

From this point of view, they rationalized that throwing the British authority from the 13 colonies was legit.

After America’s independence, these natural rights became the primary inspiration for the United States Constitution.

And also, these ideologies rapidly worked behind the growth of Democracy and Democratic government throughout the whole world.

Still, in the 21st century, these ideologies are quite powerful in the United States.

For this reason, the USA is also called the protector of Democracy, not only in their land but also for the entire world.

Second Continental Congress while accepting the declaration of independence
Congress While Accepting Declaration
What Is The Importance of The First And Second Continental Congress Here?

The formation of the First and Second Continental Congress was the very first collective action from the 13 colonies’ side against the unjust decisions of the British Parliament.

Through these meetings, they moved step by step toward the writing of the Declaration of Independence.

But how?

Here is how – The First Continental Congress was organized in 1774 from September 5th to October 26th.

In this meeting, 12 of the 13 British American colonies (except Georgia) united in Philadelphia.

Here, they took a significant decision to impose an economic boycott against English goods until the authority repeals the five Intolerable Acts.

But, as they wished, all these economic sanctions did not affect the British Crown; contrariwise, the battles of Lexington and Concord happened on 19th April 1775.

For this reason, they had to unite again in the Second Continental Congress.

This time, all 13 colonies came to participate. Colonies organized this meeting on May 10, 1775. 

Many historians also consider the Second Continental Congress as America’s first federal government.

During the meeting, Congress took some significant decisions; For example:

  • The policy of war against Britain
  • The writing of the Declaration of Independence
  • Appointing diplomats for seeking foreign powers’ help or intervene in the Revolutionary War
  • Creating a de facto national government to run everything smoothly during the revolutionary war, etc.

Hence, I think that the formation of the First and Second Continental Congress was the most significant phenomenon in writing the Declaration of Independence.


Did The Main Actions Take By The Colonists Succeed?

Yes, of course, they succeeded, and that’s why the 13 colonies became independent and were able to establish a new nation, the United States of America.

Even this was not the end at all.

Seeing the revolutions’ success in America, some revolutions also took place in other countries of Europe.

For example, the France Revolution was one of the most significant events, which ended King Louis XVI’s rule.


Why Is The United States Declaration of Independence A Great Document?

It is not a great document only because it declared the 13 colonies’ independence, but it is a great document because it was built over human dignity and natural rights.

This document successfully established the truth that the people of a nation are the actual source of its power, but not the government or King.


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