Which Best Describes The Purposes of The Second Continental Congress?

So, which best describes the purpose of the second continental congress?

Basically, we can divide the Second Continental Congress’s purposes into these three points below:


  • The last attempt to avoid the war between Great Britain and the 13 colonies.
  • Building a powerful continental army and appointing diplomats
  • The birth of the United States of America.

which best describes the purpose of the second continental congress

The Last Attempt To Avoid The War Between Great Britain And The 13 Colonies

We must admit that the American colonists’ leaders had tried a lot to avoid that Revolutionary War till the end, even though there was already an armed conflict that happened at Lexington and Concord (19th April 1775).

In the Second Continental Congress, which was formed on 10th May 1775; from here, they proposed the British king George III to withdraw the 5 Intolerable acts from the colonies.

Because those 5 acts were the main immediate reason for that situation.

Even to make that happen they adopted ‘Olive Branch Petition’ and ‘Declaration of the Causes and Necessity of Taking Up Arms’.

These steps could calm the situation.

But the British government and King George III didn’t show any interest in their last request. 

Finally, it resulted, the Battle of Bunker Hill on 17th June 1775 and spared the Revolutionary War in a greater segment.


Building Powerful Continental Army And Appointing Diplomats

The leaders of the Second Continental Congress knew very well that they were soon going to fight some big battles against Great Britain.

For this reason, another purpose of this Congress was also to strengthen its military strength as much as possible.

Not only that, but also here they focused on appointing powerful military leaders like George Washington, smart diplomats like Benjamin Franklin, and to get help from enemy countries of the British Empire; mainly French.


The Brith of The United States of America

Not in the starting of the Second Congress, but when the delegates started realizing that Britain was not ready to fulfill their demands, their purpose completely changed towards independence.

From the mid of 1776, the colonies became very conscious to get independence and form a new country.

And yes, it was the United States of America.


I think these are the three points, which best describes the purpose of the second continental congress.

And you?


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