[Quick Answer]: Which Is The Best Summary of The Crisis, Number IV?


Which Is The Best Summary of The Crisis, Number IV?

Thomas Paine informed British General William Howe that the colonists will keep fighting for their rights and for their freedom, because this time, they are well aware of why they are fighting for.

No doubt, this statement is the best summary of the crisis, number IV.

Thomas Paine believed that no matter how much Britain could try; they would never be able to extinguish the fire burning in the hearts of the American colonists.

The British government and King George III already failed in satisfying the needs of the colonists and it would cost them so much bigger.

Paine clearly mentioned it in the final paragraph of the crisis, number IV.

[Interesting Fact: Did You Know? Thomas Paine’s Crisis Pramphlet Was One of The Highest Selling Books In The History of The United States. Even, Until Paine Released His ‘Common Sense’ Prahmphlet, This Was In The Number One Position, In terms of Selling]

Which Is The Best Summary of The Crisis, Number IV
Which Is The Best Summary of The Crisis, Number IV

But What Was ‘The Crisis’ And ‘Number IV’?

Well, ‘The Crisis’ or ‘The American Crisis’ was actually a series of pamphlets, written by a British philosopher and one of the founding fathers of the United States of America, Thomas Paine.

The Crisis series was published between the years 1776 to 1783.

Colonists, especially patriots got highly inspired by this pamphlet series.

Like many other scholars and leaders, Paine knew that the colonists of the 13 colonies wouldn’t join the war until they get a proper reason to do that.

Via this writing, he provided American colonists with proper reasons and showed them the legitimacy of fighting the Revolutionary War.

Such points are:

  • Why their rebellion is fair?
  • Why did they deserve independence from Great Britain, even though it was their mother country?
  • What would happen, if the British government and King George keep ruling them? Etc matters.

(The ‘Number IV’ was the pamphlet’s number, which appeared on the 13th of September 1777)

[Interesting Fact: Did You Know? Thomas Paine Inaugurated The Crisis Series (Number I) With A Sentence “These Are The Times That Try Men’s Souls”, Which Became Highly Popular After It Was Published. Revolutionary Leaders Like George Washington Used It A Few Days Before The Battle of Trenton To Encourage The Continental Militias]

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Some Significant Points of ‘The Crisis’ Pamphlet

1. Thomas Paine primarily wrote it to gain support from the common American colonists for the Revolutionary War of independence. Because he knew, until colonists get a proper reason to join the war, it would never be successful.

2. In order to draw common people to the rebellion, Paine also explained that the war against British rule will be a war with the support of God. Even, he called the British rule a tyranny.

[Interesting Fact: Did You Know? The Way The Crisis Pramphlet Encouraged American Patriots To Fight The Revolutionary War And Achieve Independence, It Also Condemned Loyalists And Neutrals For Supporting The British Crown’s Tyranny Over The 13 Colonies]

which is the best summary of the final paragraph of the crisis, number iv, last paragraph
Image: The Final Paragraph of The Crisis, Number IV

Why Thomas Paine Supported The Colonists, Even Though He Was An Englishman?

Thomas Paine was deeply influenced by the philosophies of the Enlightenment period.

Rationalism and human rights were the basis of his ideology.

He believed that Britain was located far away from the American continent. And therefore, Britain could never work properly for the benefit of the American people.

If England continues to rule the American continent in the same way, then it will benefit only its own people, but not the Americans.

Therefore, he believed it was better for the colonists to rebel and achieve independence from the European colonial power.

[Interesting Fact: Did You Know? Thomas Paine Believed That The British Authority Was Arrogating And Misusing The Rights of God To Rule The People of The 13 Colonies. In The Crisis, He Mentioned The God Would Never Leave The Colonists Alone To Get Destroyed By British Atrocities. Therefore, He Said That The War Against British Rule Means The War With The Support of God]


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