Which Example Describes Natural Rights?

The examples are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness, which best describes the concept of human’s natural rights.

But, have we ever thought about why these rights are considered as human’s natural rights?

Well, according to a great enlightenment period philosopher John Locke, these rights are our birthright.

We human species equally born with these rights and therefore, these rights are unanimous to all.

Which Example Describes Natural Rights
Which Example Describes Natural Rights

Nobody has the right to take away them from us at any certain condition; no matter how much they are powerful or what the condition is.

At the beginning of human civilization, when there was no government or powerful organization in society, physically powerful people used to destruct these natural rights of physically weak people.

With time, people’s intelligence began to develop and they started thinking about how to get rid of this critical problem.

Finally, as a solution, they found an amazing way.

They decided that they will put all their power in one authority’s hand and that authority would have to protect their natural rights (Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness) from physically powerful tyrants.

With the flow of time, these authorities became king and governments.


Does It Mean That We People Are The Real Source of Power In A Country?

Yes, 110 percent.

We people are the real source of power, not the king or government.

We give them the power to protect our natural rights, but not to destruct them.

Therefore, whenever any form of government or king tries to destructs these ends of us, then it becomes our right to throw them out of power.


American Revolution And Natural Rights

Of course, we all know that till the end of the 18th century, the Empire of Great Britain ruled the 13 colonies.

But the problem was, Britain never tried to satisfy the needs of colonists; contrary most of the time they focused on creating such rules and regulations which hampered colonists’ natural rights.

As a result, colonists started the revolutionary war against the British government and King with the purpose to throw them out of power completely.

In 1776 on 4th July, colonists declared independence via the Declaration of Independence and established a new nation, the United States of America.


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