(Oh My God): Which Example Describes Natural Rights?


Which Example Describes Natural Rights?

Life, Liberty, Equality, Justice, and the protection of the ways to pursue Happiness are the main examples, that best describes the concept of human beings’ natural rights.

But wait for a second, have we ever questioned ourselves about why these rights are considered human beings’ natural rights?

Well, according to a great enlightenment age philosopher, named John Locke – these rights are our birthright.

Without these birthrights, the human species have no supremacy, nor have any difference from wild animals.

We human beings are equally born with them and therefore, these are unanimous among all the people around the world.

[Interesting Fact: Did You Know? These Natural Rights Have Been Playing A Vital Role In The Development of The Modern Democratic Socio-Political System. The Existence of These Natural Rights Is The Main Cause, Why Today We Get To See Powerful Democracies Like The United States, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Etc]

Which Example Describes Natural Rights
Which Example Describes Natural Rights

But Why These Natural Rights Are Unalienable Under All Circumstances?

These rights keep us distinct from other living species and protect human dignity; without them, we human beings and other living species would have no difference.

Therefore, nobody has the right on this planet of the earth to take them away from us under any circumstances; no matter how much they are powerful or what the condition is.

Even the state or government or king can’t abrogate them away from the people; contrariwise, they should respect these great ends.

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Why Government or State Should Always Respect & Protect These Great Ends?

At the beginning of human civilization, when there was no existence of government or powerful organization in society; physically powerful people used to destruct the life, liberty, and happiness of physically weak people.

Especially, powerful tyrants often interfered with weak people’s rights for their own interests.

But with the flow of time, people’s intelligence started improving, they started thinking about how to get rid of these critical problems.

Finally, as a solution, they found an amazing way.

They decided that they would put all their power in one single authority’s hand and that authority would have to protect their natural rights (Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness) from physically powerful tyrants.

With the evolution of human society, these authorities transformed into kings and then governments.

In this case, if we analyze the complete evolution of government or state, then in simple words, we can say that it was born only to protect the natural rights of common people.

This is the main reason why government or state should always respect & protect these great ends of the common people.

[Interesting Fact: Did You Know? Natural Rights Philosophy Was Developed By Many Enlightenment Age Philosophers. They Were Primarily Thomas Hobbes (1588–1679), Jean Jacques Rousseau (1712–1778), John Locke (1632–1704), Voltaire]

Which Example Describes Natural Rights

Does It Mean That We People Are The Real Source of Power In A Country?

Yes, 110 percent.

We people are the real source of power in a country; but not the king or government.

We give them the power to protect our natural rights, but not to destruct them.

Therefore, whenever any form of government or king becomes destructive of these great ends, then it becomes the right of the people to throw them out of power.


American Revolution And Natural Rights

Of course, we all know that till the end of the 18th century, the Empire of Great Britain ruled the 13 colonies of North America.

But the problem was, Britain never tried to satisfy the needs of colonists; contrary, most of the time, they focused on creating such rules and regulations which hampered colonists’ natural rights.

As a result, colonists started the Revolutionary War against the British government and king with the purpose to uproot them from the 13 colonies.

In 1776 on 4th July, colonists declared independence via the Declaration of Independence and established the foundation of a new nation, the United States of America.


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