Which Statement Best Describes The Historical Significance of The Declaration of Independence?

The statement which best describes the historical significance of America’s Declaration of Independence was written in the Preamble section of it.

So, what the statement actually tried to mean?

This statement wanted to mean something like this:

Which Statement Best Describes The Historical Significance of The Declaration of Independence

God has created all human beings in the world with some Unalienable rights.

Nobody can ignore or take away these unalienable rights from them in any certain condition.

Those rights were including Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

To protect or secure those rights, people created governments or authorities since the state of nature.

Hence, no divine power has created governments or rulers of a country.

It means the king or rulers are not the representatives of God. But they are the representatives of the people. 

It is the people, who are the real source of the government’s power. People are the actual god for governments.

Whenever there a time comes that the government becomes destructive of these rights, it is the right of the people of the country to abolish that government from power and form a new government with much better probabilities.

After the abolishment, the people will form this new government with such rules that they will be more and more vigilant about securing all these subjects of people’s freedom, happiness, and equality.


Human History And The Birth of Governments

At the very beginning of human civilization, physically powerful people tortured & dominated the weak people and kept them under their control.

With the flow of time, human intelligence started progressing.

In order to get rid of these atrocities, humans have made a social settlement among themselves.

Under this social agreement, humans have created authorities, which would protect their interests from the dominance of physically powerful people.

Through the process of evolution, over time these authorities became kings and governments.

If we analyze the complete evolution of governments then we found that governments get birth only for the benefit of the country’s people.

Therefore, governments or rulers should always remain responsible for their people.


Why People Have The Power To Throw Out Governments From The Power?

Obviously, the people of a country provides the power to the governments for their benefits.

If the government fails to fulfill that objective then it becomes the right of the people to overthrow that government from power.


American Revolution And The Statement of The Declaration of Independence

American Revolution fits quite well with the statement given in the Preamble section of the Declaration of Independence.

Because the ruling British government started destructing colonists’ rights of being equal to other British citizens who lived in mainland Great Britain.

With the intention to protect their natural rights colonists’ started a revolution for overthrowing British rule from the 13 colonies.

After that, they formed their own democratic government.

This government has been protecting their rights in a much better way since it’s formation. 


Democracy And The Connection of This Statement

In the current scenario, this statement has a deep connection with the governance system of any democratic country in the world along with the USA.

These countries are such as India, Great Britain, French, Italy, Japan, North Korea, etc.

These countries are fully democratic countries of the world.

In these countries, the government can never do any work according to its will which is contrary to the good of its people.

Here if the public feels that the government is doing things against their interest, then they can make the govt out of power.

And the process which makes it possible is called the ‘Democratic Election’.



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