Who Doesn’t Celebrate Thanksgiving?


Who Doesn’t Celebrate Thanksgiving?

For many reasons, many people in the United States of America don’t prefer to celebrate Thanksgiving day.

Here are two groups of people, who usually don’t like to celebrate the day.

Who Doesn't Celebrate Thanksgiving
Who Doesn’t Celebrate Thanksgiving

Indians Or Native Americans

On Thanksgiving day, Native people in the United States of America observe another event called “The National Day of Mourning”.

On this day, they remember the atrocities, European settlers implemented on their ancestors and try to educate people about it.

The event was held in 1970 for the first time after a speech delivered by a leader of an Indian community; his name was Wamsutta Frank James.

Most Native Americans believe that Thanksgiving is a part of European culture and European settlers were responsible for the deaths and humiliation of their millions of ancestors.

Settlers were responsible for wiping out 90 percent of their population. Natives still remember how their slaughter intensified after the first Thanksgiving of 1621.

For all these reasons, they believe it is an anti-Native festival, and most of their people prefer not to celebrate it.

[Did You Know? It Is Said That The First Ever Thanksgiving Was Observed In 1621 After The First Successful Harvest By Pilgrims. 53 English Pilgrims of Plymouth Organized It And They Invited 90 Native Americans of Wampanoag. Although, This Is A Popular Story; But Still Nobody Has A Proper Evidence On It – Did It Happen In Reality Or Not?]


Radical People From Other Religions

Although its roots are connected with Christian Puritan beliefs; but in the United States of America, it is celebrated as a secular festival by almost all communities.

This is a federal holiday in the country for all people.

But at the same, there are some people with radical mindsets, who still believe it as propaganda to expand Christian religious ideologies.

These radical people don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. Even they discourage their people to avoid it as much as they can.

[Fact: Thanksgiving Is Considered The Beginning of Winter Holidays In The United States And Other North American Countries. The Holidays Remains Till The End of December Month]


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