Who Fought In The American Revolution? :(BEST Answer)


Who Fought In The American Revolution?

Primarily there are two sides that fought in the glorious American Revolution.

On one side, they were the colonists of the 13 British North American colonies, and on the other side was Great Britain.

In the fight, colonists fought to achieve political independence from their mother country Great Britain and Great Britain fought to retain the 13 colonies in their own hands.

However, there are many other powers involved in the fighting. Some supported the 13 colonies and others supported Great Britain.

13 colonies supporters:

  • French Empire
  • The Netherlands
  • Spain

Great Britain supporters:

  • Loyalists
  • Native American tribes

Now let’s discuss why and how these powers got involved in the Revolutionary War.

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Why Did French Empire, The Netherlands And Spain Involve In The American Revolution?

1. Cause of French Involvement

The French empire was involved in the American Revolution from the 13 colonies’ side. At that time, France and Great Britain were two hard-headed enemies. They were in a race to dominate the entire world and create colonies.

Mainly France was involved in the fighting to take revenge on Great Britain for its defeat in the Seven Years’ War. 

Also, France hoped to gain the old territories (such as Canada) in North America that they lost at the hands of the British.

They entered the Revolutionary War in 1778. French’s entry significantly strengthened the 13 colonies’ side.

On October 26th, 1776, on behalf of the Second Continental Congress, diplomat Benjamin Franklin went to meet French King Louis XVI to ask for their intervention.

It is often said that if France wouldn’t enter the war, colonists may lose it badly.

Who Fought In The American Revolution
Who Fought In The American Revolution

2. Cause of The Netherlands’ Involvement

The Dutch authority couldn’t afford to go to a direct war against Great Britain. Therefore they did not provide direct military support to the revolutionaries.

But their merchants helped revolutionaries by supplying gun powders, arms, canons, money, and other necessary goods.


3. Cause of Spanish Involvement

The Spanish empire hoped to gain the old lands; they lost to Britain in previous conflicts.

However, just like the Netherlands, the Spanish empire also didn’t directly involve in military conflict against the British.

They supported Americans by providing loans, military equipment, and other necessary supplies.

Behalf of the Second Continental Congress, John Jay went to Spain to ask for their help. The Spanish king Carlos III committed their support to the Americans in April 1779.


Why Did Loyalists & Native American Tribes Support Great Britain In The American Revolution?

1. Cause of Loyalists’ Support

Loyalists were a group of American colonists who favored Great Britain during the Revolutionary War and fought against rebels.

Loyalists didn’t want the rebels to end British rule in the 13 colonies because the British administration provided them with lots of benefits.

Although, they failed in the end.

After the 13 colonies’ independence, loyalists had to face some severe consequences.

These consequences pushed them to leave the 13 colonies and move to various parts of the British Empire (Especially British Canada).


2. Cause of Native Americans’ Support

Many Native American or Indian groups supported Great Britain during the revolution because the British administration protected their identity and existence from the aggression of European-origin American colonists.

Via an act of 1763, the British parliament ensured their protection from colonists.

However, they also had to face bad consequences once the Revolutionary War came to an end.

The newly formed United States (previously 13 colonies) government started taking some major hostile actions against them; for example 1830’s Indian Removal Act.


Did You Know?

More than 30,000 Germans also fought in the Revolutionary War from the side of Great Britain.

In percentage, these 30,000 men contributed around 35 percent of total British military power.


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