Who Fought In The Battle of Bennington?


Who Fought In The Battle of Bennington?

The battle of Bennington was a major battle of the American Revolutionary War, fought between the forces of Great Britain and American rebels. Especially, rebels from Vermont took leading role in the event.

The battle was a part of Saratoga Campaign took place on 16th August 1777 at a place called Bennington, Vermont.

In this battle, American revolutionaries achieved decisive victory over British forces and caused devastating causalities in the Red Coats.

Therefore, still, each year the state of Vermont celebrates 16th August as the victory day of the battle of Bennington.

Who Fought In The Battle of Bennington
Who Fought In The Battle of Bennington

How Many Men From Both Sides Fought In The Battle of Bennington?

From the American side (Vermont), around 2850 men participated and from the British side around 1450 men participated.

Rebels side was almost doubled than the British and therefore, they had an upper hand in the conflict.

Finally, the result came out something like this:

American causalities: 30 men killed, 40 men wounded.

British causalities: 207 men killed, 700 captured.


Who Were The Leaders Fought In The Battle of Bennington?

American side

  • John Stark: John Stark served as a military officer in the British army during the Seven Years war. But in 1775, when the Revolutionary War broke out, he left the British side and came to led American rebels. He served as a major general in the continental army. For his role in Bennington, Stark became widely popular as the ‘Hero of Bennington’.
  • Seth Warner: Seth was a Revolutionary War soldier, who later got promoted to colonel and brigade commander. He was from Vermont and played significant role during the Battle of Bennington. Along with that, Seth Warner is also known for his role during the battle of Longueuil and battles of Hubbardton.

British side

  • Friedrich Baum
  • Heinrich Breymann


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