Who Is To Blame For The Boston Massacre?

This question is quite controversial that who is to be blamed for the massacre of Boston in 1770, March 5th.

Should we blame the soldiers or should we blame the protesters?

Here we are trying to show you the contrivances of both sides.

Read it and decide yourself, who is really to be blamed for that killing.

Short Answer: From my viewpoint, both sides are equally responsible.

Because on one side it was the protestors who should not have taken the path of violence.

Similarly, on the other side, soldiers should also not fire the protestors without their captain’s permission.

But whatever happened, it greatly benefited the revolutionists to spared the fire revolution among the common people of the 13 colonies.

Who Is To Blame For The Boston Massacre
Who Is To Blame For The Boston Massacre
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Description, On Who To Be Blamed 

So, on the snowy winter morning of 1770, March 5th, some Bostonians went to King Street for protesting against some decisions of the British Parliament.

Mainly they went there to protest for repealing the 5 Townshend Acts of 1767 and to withdraw British troop’s presence from the city of Boston.

Probably all would go fine but due to mobsters’ involvement in the protestors group, their resistance started taking the path of violence.

The crowd went out of control and began attacking the soldiers doing their duty with snowballs, stones, oyster’s shells, and clubs.

The soldier group was led by Captain Thomas Preston.

Although, Thomas Preston didn’t order yet his soldiers to fire on the crowd.

But one soldier from the group suddenly started firing without his captain’s permission.

It encouraged others also to do the same.

The firing killed 3 immediately and wounded 8 people, later 2 died.

Now the question is, whom should we blame?

On one hand, the protestors didn’t do the right thing attacking soldiers like that.

But again, it was not the actual protestors who start attacking the soldiers, the actual attackers were mobs.

So, from this point of view, we can’t directly blame the resistors.

Secondly, the soldiers also didn’t do the right thing attacking the crowd without their captain’s permission; either the British authority already prohibited firing on civilians of the colony via different laws.

The soldiers had also violated British law due to firing.

In my opinion, both of the sides were equally responsible, no side can be blamed alone for that happening.

But whatever happened, it leads the whole story to the great American Revolution. And that’s why this incident is very important.

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Which Side Benefited From The Boston Massacre?

The American patriots and common colonists got the most benefit of this incident.

But how?

Here is how:

1. First of all, the British Parliament had to partially repeal all the 5 Townshend Acts on 12th April 1770, 37 days later.

2. Secondly, as the Bostonians wanted, the English authority also had to withdraw their troops from the city of Boston to Castle Island.

3. The third and most significant benefit revolutionists achieved via the incident transformed the common people’s attitude against the British government and King.

Especially, some leading patriots like Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, John Adams used the killing as propaganda to influence colonists mindset against the British rule.


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