Who Was Amerigo Vespucci?


Who Was Amerigo Vespucci?

Amerigo Vespucci was a Florentine merchant, navigator, and explorer, on whose name America is named after. 

He was the first person, who proved Christopher Columbus’s assumption wrong over the discovery of wrong India (or Asia).

Actually, first Columbus assumed that the land he discovered was India, though, in reality, this was else (Present day’s Americas), not India.

People in Europe learned the truth descriptively from Amerigo Vespucci. Therefore, later they named the new landmass by his name ‘America’.  

This was an honor to the great explorer.

Also, this is the main reason, why he is famous in the history of the Americas.

Although, many people consider his name given to the continents as an injustice to Christopher Columbus.

By the way, what is your opinion on it?

who was amerigo vespucci

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What Did Amerigo Vespucci Mainly Do?

He was a businessman, conducting business through sea routes.

Later with the support of Spanish and Portuguese authorities, he started working as their navigator.

From 1499 to 1500, he served as a navigator for the Spanish government, and from 1501 to 1502, he served for the Portuguese government.


When And Where Did He Born?

He was born in 1454 on the 9th March in Florence, central Italy.

His father’s name was Nastagio Vespucci and his mother’s name was Lisabetta Mini Vespucci. 

What Did Amerigo Vespucci Mainly Do
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Facts About The Explorer

1. Amerigo has some greater knowledge of Astrology. He was one of the most brilliant minds of his age on calculating latitude and longitude.

2. While doing business in Florence, he started gaining interest in Geographical study.

Over time, Vespucci developed himself as a skilled researcher on earth’s geography, sketches, and maps.

3. This is still not clear, but many historians believe that he was the first person, who discovered the mouth of the Amazon River.


Who Was Amerigo Vespucci Married To?

In 1505, He married a Spanish woman, named Maria Cerezo.

However, there is not a lot of information available about this woman.

A year before his death, Vespucci mentioned her in his will as the daughter of Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba.

After his death, the Spanish government granted a pension to her for her husbands’ great work for the Spanish Empire.

(He obtained Spanish citizenship from the year 1505).

This was an annual pension, worth around 10,000 maravedis.


Did Amerigo Vespucci Have Kids?

No, after marriage he and his wife Maria Cerezo birth to no children.

This was the main reason, why Amerigo willed everything (including his five household slaves) that he had for his wife Maria.


How Did Amerigo Vespucci Died?

In 1512 on 22nd February, he died at age around 58.

The place was Seville, Crown of Castile. Present-day, this is Spain.

Vespucci’s death cause was Malaria.

After the death, his dead body was taken and buried in Florence, which was of course his birthplace too.


Did He Hold Many Other Names?

Actually, he had only one name; but in different languages, it was pronounced differently.

They are such as:

  • Américo Vespucio (In Spanish language)
  • Americus Vespucius (In Latin)
  • Américo Vespúcio (In Portuguese language)
  • Alberigo Vespucci, etc.


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