Who Was Appointed To Write The Declaration of Independence?


Who Was Appointed To Write The Declaration of Independence?

A committee of five delegates was appointed by the Second Continental Congress to write the Declaration of Independence on 11th June 1776.

The committee of five decided that Thomas Jefferson would write the first draft of the document.

From 1774, Jefferson already started building a good reputation after publishing his “A Summary View of the Rights of British America”.

Of course, you know, Thomas Jefferson was the person who later became the 3rd president of the United States of America.

He was from the colony of Virginia.

The committee’s other four members were:

  • John Adams (Massachusetts)
  • Benjamin Franklin (Pennsylvania)
  • Robert Robert Livingston (New York)
  • Roger Sherman (Connecticut)

[Interesting Fact: Did You Know? Earlier, The Committee And Thomas Jefferson Wanted John Adams To Write The Declaration of Independence Because He Was An Experienced & Mature Man. But Adams Persuaded Jefferson And The Committee That The Job Should Be Done By Jefferson Instead of Him. Gratefully, Adams Pursuation Proved To Be Right Later]


Short Introductions of All The Five Members of The Committee

Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)

Apart from being a great politician, Jefferson was a writer, philosopher, lawyer, architect, and one of the founding fathers of the United States of America.

He was born in 1743 on 13th April, in the colony of Virginia.

Thomas Jefferson’s father’s name was Peter Jefferson and his mother’s name was Jane Randolph.

Along with being the third President of the United States of America, his life is gloriously remembered for writing the first draft of the Declaration of Independence.

[Interesting Fact: Did You Know? Thomas Jefferson Drafted The First Draft of The Declaration of Independence In A Rented House Near The State House, Philadelphia. For Completing The Job, He Was Given Only 17 Days By The Second Continental Congress, Due To Their Busy Schedule]

Who Was Appointed To Write The Declaration of Independence

John Adams (1735-1826)

Another one of the founding fathers of the United States was John Adams.

He was the first vice president and the second president of the country.

A statesman, lawyer, attorney, writer Adams was born in 1735 on 30th October, in the colony of Massachusetts.

His father’s name was John Adams Sr. and his mother’s name was Susanna Boylston.

His wife Abigail Adams and son John Quincy Adams (6th US president) are also two prominent historical figures of the country.

[Interesting Fact: Did You Know? During The Period of The American Revolution, John Adams And His Followers Were Considered As Radicals Because They Preferred The 13 Colonies’ Independence At Any Cost Rather Than Peace Negotiation With Great Britain]


Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)

Not only in the US but this man is known as one of the greatest men in world history.

Benjamin Franklin was a businessman, scientist, philosopher, inventor, writer, and one of the founding fathers of the United States.

He was the person who went to France for asking their support for the Revolutionary War.

Benjamin Franklin was born in 1706 on 17th January, in the colony of Pennsylvania.

Benjamin’s father’s name was Josiah Franklin and his mother’s name was Abiah Folger.

Born into a very poor family, Franklin achieved extensive success in life through his great efforts.

Still, people all over the world follow in his footsteps to achieve success in their lives.

[Interesting Fact: Did You Know? Benjamin Franklin Was So Patriotic That He Even Abandoned His Son William Franklin For Supporting The British Crown During The Revolutionary War. Once The War Came To An End, William Franklin Was Exiled To England And Spend His Life Till The Death]


Robert R Livingston (1746-1813)

Robert R Livingston, also famous as ‘the Chancellor’, was an American diplomat and politician.

He was from New York.

He served these important positions:

  • 7th United States Minister to France
  • 1st United States Secretary of Foreign Affairs
  • 1st Chancellor of New York

Livingston was born in 1746 on 27th November.

His father’s name was Robert Livingston and his mother’s name was Margaret Beekman Livingston.


Roger Sherman (1721-1793)

Roger Sherman is popular as the only leader who has signed all four great papers of the United States.

Those papers were:

  • Declaration of Independence
  • Continental Association
  • Articles of Confederation
  • Constitution

Roger Sherman served in these important positions:

  • United States Senator from Connecticut
  • US House of Representatives from Connecticut’s at-large district
  • Delegate of The Continental Congress
  • 1st Mayor of New Haven

Sherman was born on April 19th, 1721 in a farmer family.

His father’s name was William Sherman and his mother’s name was Mehetabel Sherman.


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