Who Was Involved In The Boston Massacre?

There were two sides, who involved in the whole story of the Boston Massacre.

On one side the protestors or patriots, who later started involving in riots.

And on the other side, a group of British soldiers, who shot and killed some people among the protestors.

The massacre happened on March 5th the year 1770, while the protestors started throwing stones, snowballs at the British soldiers doing duty there.

Who Was Involved In The Boston Massacre
The Two Sides, Who Involved In The Clash

Actually, the soldiers settled in the Province of Massachusetts Bay for protecting the British crown’s appointed government officials, and help them to enforce laws to impose taxes on the colonists.

On the day of 5th March morning, a group of British soldiers led by Captain Thomas Preston was doing their duty.

When colonists started protesting there for a demand to repeal the 5 Townshend Acts.

But suddenly due to mobs’ involvement in the protestors’ group, some of them started hitting the troops with clubs, snowballs, and stones.

However, the Captain didn’t order his soldiers to fire on the crowd; but one soldier suddenly fired on them.

It prompted other soldiers to do the same.

In that gunfire, immediately 3 people lost their lives and 8 badly injured, 2 died later (Total casualties 11 people).

However, later the British government punished the soldiers for firing without their captain’s permission.

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What Was The Effect of The Boston Massacre
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What Was The Effect of The Boston Massacre?

Though during the incident, only the people of the colonists’ side lost lives; but in reality and in long run, it didn’t scathe them, at all.

Contrary, the incident started complicating situations for the British authority.

After the Boston Massacre, on 12th April 1770, the parliament had to partially repeal the Townshend Acts.

Also, they had to withdraw the British troops from the city of Boston.

The worst effect of the incident came out as some of the leaders of the colonies started using it as propaganda against King George III and the Parliament.

Leaders like Paul Revere, John Adams, Samuel Adams played a significant role here.

Especially, Paul Revere succeeded in changing most of the colonists’ attitudes through his picture.

His picture ‘Bloody Massacre Perpetrated in Kings Street in Boston’ showed the brutality of the British authority over innocent colonists of America.

Even though, in the picture he showed a little more than the reality; but it completely changed the mindset of common people.

On the other hand, John Adams and some patriots decided to annually organize and memorize a day as ‘Massacre Day’.

Similarly, Samuel Adams and other patriots also publicized it through their pamphlets and posters. 


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