Who Was Involved In The Boston Tea Party?

The revolutionary patriotic organization, named ‘Sons of Liberty’ was involved in the execution of the Boston Tea Party incident.

It happened on the night of the 16th of December 1773.

The event was led by the famous patriotic leader Samuel Adams and executed by the other sixty members of the organization.

As resistance to the unjust Tea Act of 1773, the organization’s patriots threw away 342 chests of tea into the Boston Harbor, Atlantic Ocean.

While executing the job, patriots wore dresses like native Americans (Red Indians).

Who Was Involved In Boston Tea Party

This large quantity of tea brought by the British East India Company to sell in the American colonies.

But when the incident took place, it brought East India Company into heavy economic losses; current valuation around 1.8 million USD.

Therefore, to punish the colonists for the sin, from the next year (1774), the British government started passing five punishing laws.

Britain named them Coercive Acts. However, colonists named them ‘Intolerable Acts’.

Because they believed those laws were violating all their rights of being British citizens.

But whatever, the parliament of Britain and King George III did, it proved not as their clever decision.

Because their action led the whole game to the Revolutionary war and then they had to lose all the 13 colonies forever.

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samuel adams
Samuel Adams

A Short Introduction of Sons of Liberty

Sons of Liberty was America’s one of the most popular revolutionary organizations.

The organization founded by the patriotic leader Samuel Adams in 1765.

The organization mainly focused on fighting against the British government imposing unfavorable tax acts.

During the time of the 1765’s Stamp Act, it played a vital role in repealing it. 


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