[Step-By-Step]: Sarah Orne Paul Revere


Who Was Sarah Orne Paul Revere?

Sarah Orne Paul Revere was the first wife of American patriotic leader and revolutionary Paul Revere.

Of course, you know Paul Revere was the person who had drawn the picture of the Boston Massacre and helped colonists change their mindset toward British rule.

Along with this, Paul Revere is also famous for his midnight ride before the day of the battles of Lexington and Concord.

Sarah Orne was born in the year 1736 on 2nd April. Her birthplace was Suffolk County in Boston city, Massachusetts province.

She was the daughter of John Orne and Martha Orne.

Sarah Orne Paul Revere

At age 21, Sarah married Paul Revere. The year was 1757 on August 4th.

After marriage, Paul and Sarah birth to a total of 8 children, of whom 7 were daughters and one was a son.

However, in 1773 on May 3rd she died due to a heavy heart stroke, just five months after her youngest daughter Isanna Revere’s birth.

Her daughter Isanna didn’t survive long. She also died the same year, 1773.

Sarah Orne died at the same place of her birth, which was Suffolk Country.

Sarah Orne was buried at Granary Burying Ground (also famous as Old Granary, Boston).

At the time of her death, she was just 37 years old.

Paul and Sarah’s children’s names are:

Daughters: Deborah Revere Lincoln (eldest), Sarah Revere Bradford, Maria Revere, Frances Revere Eayres, Elizabeth Revere, Mary Revere, and Isanna Revere.

Son: Paul Revere Junior.

The same year of Sarah’s death, on October 10th Paul married another woman. 

Her name was Rachel Walker.

Before her marriage to Paul, Rachel lived as a widow. Paul and Rachel birth to a total of 8 children.

Sarah Orne Paul Revere

Was Excessive Birth The Main Cause of Sarah Orne’s Death?

Though it seems like the immediate cause of Sarah’s death was a heart attack, but the excessive birth rate also played a significant role in her death at just age 37.

After their marriage in 1757, from 1758 to 1772 she kept giving birth to Paul’s children again and again.

Maybe, this reason declined her health too much, which finally caused her death at 37.


Short Details of Paul Revere And Sarah Orne’s Children

1. Deborah Revere Lincoln: She was the first child of Paul and Sarah Orne, born in 1758.

Deborah married Amos Lincoln, in the year 1781 on 14th January.

Amos Lincoln was a member of the Boston Tea Party and served as a captain of the artillery during the American Revolutionary War.

He married three women.

Deborah was his first wife. She died only at age 39 in 1797.

2. Paul Revere Junior: This was their second child and the only son of the couple.

Paul Revere Junior was born in 1760. He was one of their children who sustained for a little long.

Paul Revere Jr married Sally Edwards on 25th July 1782.

He died at age 53 on 16th January 1813.

3. Sarah Revere Bradford: The third child and the daughter of Revere couple.

Sarah Revere Bradford was born in 1763 on 3rd January. She died at age 28, the year 1791 on July 5th.

4. Mary Revere: Mary Revere was born in 1764, survived just for a year only, and died the next year 1765.

5. Frances Revere Eayres: Frances Revere Eayres was born in 1766.

She was the 4th daughter of Paul Revere and Sarah Orne. She married Thomas Stevens on 15th July 1797.

Frances died on 19th June 1799.

6. Elizabeth Revere Lincoln: Elizabeth was born in 1770.

She was the wife of Amos Lincoln, to whom her elder sister Deborah married.

However, she married Amos after her sister’s death. Elizabeth died on 10th April 1805.

7. Mary Revere Lincoln: Mary was the 7th child of Paul and Sarah.

She was married to Jedediah Lincoln Sr on May 4th, 1797. 

8. Isanna Revere: Isanna was the youngest child of Paul and Sarah Orne Revere.

She was born in 1772. Her mother Sarah passed away when she was just 5 months old.

In the same year 1773, Isanna also passed away.  


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